Electric Power Equipment Maintenance

Data is displayed for academic year: 2023./2024.

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Course Description

Basic terms and definitions. Failure cause. Features of equipment quality. Maintenance strategies and types. Maintenance strategy selection. Maintenance planning and management. Activity preparation as crucial point of maintenance. System checking during maintenance. Periodic maintenance scheduling. Service life. Costs analyses. Characteristics of maintenance results. Optimal number of reserving components. Repair. Replacement. Maintenance based on legislative. Historical data and statistics. Significance of maintenance in respect on technical limits. Maintenance activity. Results of total productive maintenance. Long-term purpose of maintenance. Maintenance and quality. Maintenance in open market environment. Maintenance information system. Testing techniques. Component monitoring. Technical data acquisition and diagnosis. Damage identification, types and estimation. Reports.

Study Programmes

University graduate
[FER3-EN] Control Systems and Robotics - profile
Elective course (3. semester)
Elective courses (1. semester)
[FER3-EN] Data Science - profile
Elective courses (1. semester)
Recommended elective courses (3. semester)
[FER3-EN] Electrical Power Engineering - profile
Elective courses (1. semester) (3. semester)

Learning Outcomes

  1. differentiate based terms as: deteriorating, damage, fatigue of material, defect etc.
  2. list and explain defect couses in electric power system
  3. list and define maintenance strategies
  4. recognize features of equipment quality
  5. plan and manage equipement maintenance
  6. create maintenance line diagrams
  7. analyze maintenance costs
  8. use the optimization tool GAMS
  9. write maintenance report

Forms of Teaching


attending lectures is not mandatory


attendance at classroom exercises is not mandatory

Independent assignments


Week by Week Schedule

  1. Basic task of maintenance, Causes of failures
  2. Equipment quality features, Equipement wear
  3. Equipment quality features
  4. Equipment quality features
  5. Maintenance scheduling and methodology
  6. Maintenance scheduling and methodology
  7. Diagnostics of generator, transformer, circuit breakers, recloser, surge arresters and other equipments
  8. Midterm exam
  9. Diagnostic DC methods
  10. Diagnostic AC methods
  11. Substation maintenace
  12. Grid maintenance
  13. Generator maintenance
  14. Data collection and monitoring using Web
  15. Final exam


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