Project management and project leadership

Data is displayed for academic year: 2023./2024.

Course Description

This course gives a systematic overview of problematic project management areas, the main control process group, and project management and project leadership methods and techniques. The aim of the course is to train students to have a correct attitude to projects, by understanding key project management and project leadership concepts from perspective of project leaders and project participants, and from theory to practical applications. Project management concepts are presented according to PMI and IPMA, as well as the project lifecycle phases and processes, with an emphasis on sense-making, understanding the situation and considering the necessity of organizing resources to achieve the goals. There follow principles and leadership techniques for the sense-giving enabling project participants to understand the goals, inspiring them to achieve greater effectiveness through commitment to vision by guiding them on the way to overcome project difficulties. Finally, the course discusses the modern project methods, techniques and tools used in practice.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate spec. study


Robert K. Wysocki (2019.), Effective Project Management, Wiley
Rory Burke, Steve Barron (2014.), Project Management Leadership, John Wiley & Sons
Marcus Ries, Diana Summers (2016.), Agile Project Management, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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  Summer semester
L1 English Level