Electrical filters in power systems

Course Description

Linear and nonlinear loads in electrical networks. Typical harmonic distortions in power systems. Harmonic analysis. Harmonic sources. Standardization of harmonic levels. Effects of harmonics on distribution systems. Harmonics measurements. Harmonics losses. Passive filters. BP filters. HP filters. Active filters. Trade-offs in filters design. Tuning filters characteristics. Computer programs in analysis and synthesis. Monte Carlo analysis. Other methods to decrease harmonic distortion.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


George J. Wakileh (2001.), Power Systems Harmonics Fundamentals Analysis and Filter Design, Springer
Francisco C. de La Rosa (2006.), Harmonics and Power Systems, CRC Press
Neven Mijat (2001.), Electrical Filters, Zagreb (in Croatian)

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  Summer semester
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