Ana Milas, mag. ing.

Assistant, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

A Shadowcasting-Based Next-Best-View Planner for Autonomous 3D Exploration

Batinovic, Ana ; Ivanovic, Antun ; Petrovic, Tamara ; Bogdan, Stjepan
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters

Path Planning with Potential Field-Based Obstacle Avoidance in a 3D Environment by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Batinović, Ana ; Goričanec, Jurica ; Marković, Lovro ; Bogdan, Stjepan
2022 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS)

From ERL to MBZIRC: Development of An Aerial-Ground Robotic Team for Search and Rescue

Arbanas, Barbara ; Petric, Frano ; Batinović, Ana ; Polić, Marsela ; Vatavuk, Ivo ; Marković, Lovro ; Car, Marko ; Hrabar, Ivan ; Ivanović, Antun ; Bogdan, Stjepan

Flying with Cartographer: Adapting the Cartographer 3D Graph SLAM Stack for UAV Navigation

Orsulic, Juraj ; Milijas, Robert ; Batinovic, Ana ; Markovic, Lovro ; Ivanovic, Antun ; Bogdan, Stjepan
2021 Aerial Robotic Systems Physically Interacting with the Environment (AIRPHARO)

A multi-resolution frontier-based planner for autonomous 3D exploration

Batinović, Ana ; Petrović, Tamara ; Ivanović, Antun ; Petrić, Frano ; Bogdan, Stjepan
IEEE robotics & automation letters

Decentralized Strategy for Cooperative Multi-Robot Exploration and Mapping

Batinović, Ana ; Oršulić, Juraj ; Petrović, Tamara ; Bogdan, Stjepan
International Federation of Automatic Control


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