Instructions for Authors and Paper Submission

Submission Types

There are two types of contributions, which are chosen on the online submission page accessible through the link on the bottom of this page: 

  1. Type 1: Research papers presenting original scientific contributions (these submissions undergo an international peer review process and accepted papers are published in the online workshop proceedings). 
  2. Type 2: Other submissions such as research group overviews, project activity reports, presentation of work published elswhere, presentation of industry projects, and any other relevant information for the research community (these submissions DO NOT undergo peer review). For this type of submission only authors, title, and abstract are entered, but no PDF document is required. Submissions of this type are NOT included in the Proceedings, but are a valuable part of the Workshop's program.

Instructions for Authors

Submitted papers reporting original unpublished work must be written in English, with a maximum of SIX A4 pages.

These six pages should include ALL the contents of the paper, including abstract, figures, references, etc.

The papers should be submitted electronically in PDF format.

The review process is single-blind: authors are not required to anonymize submissions.

Please make sure that the generated PDF documents:

  • have no more than SIX pages,
  • have A4 page size,
  • have all used fonts embedded and subset,
  • have no content written in the margins (19mm top, 12mm right, 12mm left and 30mm bottom), and
  • have page numbers omitted.


Submitted papers should follow the IEEE conference proceedings templates for double column A4 paper size.

Proceedings will be published in electronic form only so colors may be used. If using color please select used colors carefully to retain monochrome printing compatibility.

MS Word and LaTeX users can find the templates at

MS Word

When using Microsoft Office built-in PDF creation capability please make sure that "ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)" option is checked so that fonts are embedded and subset as required.


Please ensure the option a4paper is selected for the IEEE document class, that is use:


When creating the PDF usage of pdflatex is encouraged.

Online Submission

The online submission site for CCVW 2017 is now open:


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