About the Center of Excellence for Computer Vision

The main goal of the Center of Excellence for Computer Vision (CRV) is to promote collaboration between researchers in the field of computer vision at the University of Zagreb and to foster and promote further collaboration with various industrial partners.

Research in the field of computer vision is currently performed at many of the Faculties of the University of Zagreb thus extending the scope from theoretical computer vision problems to many practical and application specific problems.

The founding members of the Center were heads of researcher laboratories from the following schools at the University of Zagreb:

  1. Faculty of Geodesy (http://www.geof.unizg.hr/)
  2. Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (http://www.fpz.unizg.hr/)
  3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (http://www.fer.unizg.hr/)
  4. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (http://www.fsb.unizg.hr/)
  5. Faculty of Graphic Arts (http://www.grf.unizg.hr/)
  6. Faculty of Kinesiology (http://www.kif.unizg.hr/)
  7. Faculty of Forestry (http://www.sumfak.unizg.hr/)