Technical Program


Second Croatian Computer Vision Workshop
(CCVW 2013)

September 19, 2013, Zagreb, Croatia



Technical program

The workshop will be held on Thursday September 19th at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. The technical program will take place in the Grey hall.

The program features 2 invited lectures, 1 guest lecture, two oral sessions with reviewed contributions, a session with presentations of related companies, a poster session with reviewed contributions, a student poster session and a session with short presentations of project and laboratories.

All contributed papers shall be available in the online proceedings on arXiv.


8:45‑9:00 Opening
9:00‑10:00 Invited Lecture: Large Scale Image Classification and Generalizing to New Classes
Thomas Mensink, UVA Amsterdam
10:00‑10:15 Coffee Break

Oral Session 1: Color, Medical Imaging, Segmentation
Chair: Karla Brkić

10:15‑11:30 Light Random Sprays Retinex: Exploiting the Noisy Illumination Estimation
Nikola Banić and Sven Lončarić
11:30‑10:45 Using the Random Sprays Retinex Algorithm for Global Illumination Estimation
Nikola Banić and Sven Lončarić
10:45‑11:00 Diabetic Retinopathy Image Database (DRiDB): A New Database for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programs Research
Pavle Prentašić, Sven Lončarić, Zoran Vatavuk, Goran Benčić, Marko Subašić, Tomislav Petković, Lana Dujmović, Maja Malenica-Ravlić, Nikolina Budimlija and Rašeljka Tadić
11:00‑11:15 Adaptive Estimation of Visual Smoke Detection Parameters Based on Spatial Data and Fire Risk Index
Marin Bugarić, Toni Jakovčević and Darko Stipaničev
11:15‑11:45 Industry Session: Smartek d.o.o, AVL-AST d.o.o., Peek d.o.o., PhotoPay.
11:45‑12:30 Guest Lecture: A Time-to-Impact Sensor and Applications in Robotics
Robert Forchheimer, ISY Linköping
12:30‑13:15 Lunch Break
13:15‑14:00 Reviewed Posters and Student Posters
14:00‑15:00 Invited Lecture: A Tightrope Walk Between Convexity and Non-Convexity in Computer Vision
Thomas Pock, TU Graz
15:00‑16:00 Oral Session 2: Classification and Detection
Chair: Josip Krapac
15:00‑15:15 Combining Spatio-Temporal Appearance Descriptors and Optical Flow for Human Action Recognition in Video Data
Karla Brkić, Srđan Rašić, Axel Pinz, Siniša Šegvić and Zoran Kalafatić
15:15‑15:30 A Method for Object Detection Based on Pixel Intensity Comparisons
Nenad Markuš, Miroslav Frljak, Igor Pandžić, Jörgen Ahlberg and Robert Forchheimer
15:30‑15:45 An Overview and Evaluation of Various Face and Eyes Detection Algorithms for Driver Fatigue Monitoring Systems
Markan Lopar and Slobodan Ribarić
15:45‑16:00 Classifying Traffic Scenes Using the GIST Image Descriptor
Ivan Sikirić, Karla Brkić and Siniša Šegvić
16:00‑16:15 Coffee Break
16:15‑17:00 Short Presentations of Projects and Laboratories
  Development of Expert System for Tracking Players in Swimming Pool Based on CommonKADS Methodology
Vladimir Pleština and Vladan Papić
  A new IPA IIIc project: VISTA – Computer Vision Innovations for Safe Traffic
Sven Lončarić
  Research Activities of The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences Computer Vision Group
Edouard Ivanjko and Hrvoje Gold
17:00‑17:15 Closing


Reviewed Posters

Computer Vision Systems in Road Vehicles: A Review. Kristian Kovačić, Edouard Ivanjko and Hrvoje Gold.
Augmented Reality Based Segmentation of Outdoor Landscape Images. Marin Bugarić, Maja Braović and Darko Stipaničev.
Global Localization Based on 3D Planar Surface Segments. Robert Cupec, Emmanuel Karlo Nyarko, Damir Filko, Andrej Kitanov and Ivan Petrović.
Multiclass Road Sign Detection Using Multiplicative Kernel. Valentina Zadrija and Siniša Šegvić.
A Novel Georeferenced Dataset for Stereo Visual Odometry. Ivan Krešo, Siniša Šegvić and Marko Ševrović.
Surface Registration Using Genetic Algorithm in Reduced Search Space. Vedran Hrgetić and Tomislav Pribanić.
Filtering for More Accurate Dense Tissue Segmentation in Digitized Mammograms. Mario Muštra and Mislav Grgić.

Flexible Visual Quality Inspection in Discrete Manufacturing. Tomislav Petković, Darko Jurić and Sven Lončarić.


Student Posters

Atlas Construction for Cardiac Velocity Profiles Segmentation Using a Lumped Computational Model of Circulatory System. Vedrana Baličević, Hrvoje Kalinić, Sven Lončarić, Maja Čikeš, G. Palau-Caballero, C. Tobon-Gomez and Bart Bijnens.

A System for Mapping Physical Movements into Sound Synthesis Parameters. Miranda Kreković.
Real-Time Augmented Reality System for Tracking Objects in Performing Arts. Viktor Skolan and Josip Šarlija.
Multi-Projector Visualization System for Panoramic Tiled Visualizations. Pavle Prentašić, Paolo Ćerić and Sven Lončarić.
Real-Time Vehicle Detection in Urban Crossroad Using Static Camera. Igor Lipovac, Igor Bujanić, Goran Čizmar, Snješko Smailović, Siniša Šegvić
Tensor Voting for Line Structure Enhancement. Iva Harbaš.
Feature Detection and Tracking for Augmented Reality Applications in Industrial Environments. Toni Benussi and Zoran Kalafatić.

Traffic Sign Detection Based on Edge Orientation Gradients. Darko Jurić and Sven Lončarić.