Technical Program

Third Croatian Computer Vision Workshop
(CCVW 2014)

September 16, 2014, Zagreb, Croatia



Technical program

The workshop will be held on Tuesday September 16th at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. The technical program will take place in the Grey hall.

The program features 2 invited lectures, two oral sessions with reviewed contributions, a session with presentations of related companies, a poster session and a session with short presentations of project and laboratories.

Contributed papers shall be available in the online proceedings on arXiv.


8:45‑9:00 Opening
9:00‑10:00 Invited LectureThe Fisher vector representation: principles and applications
Jakob Verbeek, INRIA
10:00‑10:15 Coffee Break

Oral Session 1: Computer Vision in Traffic and Transportation
Chair: Siniša Šegvić

10:15‑11:30 Experimental evaluation of vehicle detection based on background modelling in daytime and night-time video
Igor Lipovac, Tomislav Hrkać, Karla Brkić, Zoran Kalafatić and Siniša Šegvić
11:30‑10:45 Multi-label classification of traffic scenes
Ivan Sikirić, Karla Brkić, Ivan Horvatin and Siniša Šegvić
10:45‑11:00 Convolutional neural networks for Croatian traffic signs recognition
Vedran Vukotić, Josip Krapac and Siniša Šegvić
11:00‑11:15 Real time vehicle trajectory estimation on multiple lanes
Kristian Kovacic, Edouard Ivanjko and Hrvoje Gold

Warning and Prohibitory Traffic Sign Detection based on Edge Orientation Gradients
Darko Jurić and Sven Lončarić

11:30‑13:00 Industry session / VISTA workshop
  • Opening address
  • VISTA progres: Research advances of the project
  • Industry Session: XylonVisorPhotoPay
  • Panel discussion
13:00‑14:00 Lunch Break / Poster session
14:00‑15:00 Invited LectureThree-dimensional maps and terrain classification
Dietrich Paulus, Universität Koblenz-Landau
15:00‑16:00 Oral Session 2: Image and video analysis
Chair: Zoran Kalafatić
15:00‑15:15 Object tracking implementation for a robot-assisted autism diagnostic imitation task
Kruno Hrvatinic, Luka Malovan, Frano Petric, Damjan Miklic and Zdenko Kovacic
15:15‑15:30 Fast Localization of Facial Landmark Points
Nenad Markuš, Miroslav Frljak, Igor Pandžić, Jörgen Ahlberg and Robert Forchheimer
15:30‑15:45 Recognizing 3D objects from a limited number of views using temporal ensembles of shape functions
Karla Brkić, Siniša Šegvić, Zoran Kalafatić, Aitor Aldoma and Markus Vincze
15:45‑16:00 Experimental Evaluation of Multiplicative Kernel SVM Classifiers for Multi-Class Detection
Valentina Zadrija and Siniša Šegvić
16:00‑16:15 Point Cloud Segmentation to Approximatelly Convex Surfaces for Fruit Recognition
Robert Cupec, Damir Filko, Ivan Vidović, Emmanuel Karlo Nyarko and Željko Hocenski
16:15‑16:30 Coffee Break
16:30‑17:15 Short Presentations of Projects and Laboratories
16:30-16:45 A low-cost automated system to measure the three-dimensional shape of trunk surface
Tomislav Pribanić
16:45-17:00 Multi-class object detection for smart vehicles and safer roads
Siniša Šegvić
17:00-17:15 De-identification for Privacy Protection in Multimedia Content
Slobodan Ribarić
17:15‑17:30 Closing



Motion Estimation Aided Detection of Roadside Vegetation. Iva Harbaš and Marko Subašić.
Copyright protection of images on a social network. Luka Kedmenec, Ante Poljicak and Lidija Manidc.
Color Cat: Remembering Colors for Illumination Estimation. Nikola Banić and Sven Lončarić.
Memory Sprays: Increasing the Light Random Sprays Retinex Algorithm's Speed and Stability. Nikola Banić and Sven Lončarić.
Assessing forest damage using digital and visual interpretation of satellite images. Ante Seletkovic, Renata Pernar, Jelena Kolić and Mario Ančić.
Object tracking with a multiagent robot system and a stereo vision camera. Filip Šuligoj, Bojan Šekoranja, Marko Švaco and Bojan Jerbić.
An Approach to the De-Identification of Faces in Different Poses. Branko Samarzija and Slobodan Ribaric.