Petar Krivić, mag. ing.

External associate, Department of Telecommunications

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  Scientific papers in other journals

1. Krivić, Petar; Skočir, Pavle; Kušek, Mario.
Agent-Based Approach for Energy-Efficient IoT Services Discovery and Management. // Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies. 96 (2018) ; 57-66 (journal article).

2. Krivić, Petar; Skočir, Pavle; Kušek, Mario; Ježić, Gordan.
Microservices as Agents in IoT Systems. // Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies. 74 (2017) ; 22-31 (journal article).

3. Skočir, Pavle; Krivić, Petar; Tomeljak, Matea; Kušek, Mario; Ježić, Gordan.
Activity Detection in Smart Home Environment. // Procedia Computer Science. 96 (2016) ; 672-681 (journal article).
  Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

1. Guberović, Emanuel; Krišto, Fran; Krivić, Petar; Čavrak, Igor.
Assessing compression algorithms on IoT sensor nodes // 42nd International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics.
Opatija : MIPRO, 2019. 913-918 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

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