DSD Research Data Sources

This page provides several templates and data sources for our DSD-based research. the main data sources are:

  • project-related artefacts: please follow the links to particular projects (see the navigation link Projects on the left)
    • project documentation
    • scrum/sprint documentation
    • minutes of meeting
  • project evaluation: each project is evaluated on 50+ criteria, grouped related to project, process, documentation and presentation. The evaluation template is provided here.
  • final questionnaire: at the end of the course, each student submits his/her own standardized report on the DSD experiences, with thorough analysis of the work. The final questionnaire template is provided here.
  • anonymous course evaluation: at the end of the course, students are invited to submit their anonymous course evaluation. The data from 2003. up to now is available at the DSD Introduction page, section More DSD info