Feedback from former DSD students

In a survey among former DSD students from FER, nowadays various IT professionals with several years of work experience, they've shared some interesting experiences and reasons why DSD is THE COURSE for you! :-)

  • It was awesome, frustrating, interesting, hard, fun, stressful and all worth it. It's one of those FER experiences I'll actually remember and have use from it. Teaching crew is also great! Keep it up like that :)
  • DSD was one of the most useful courses (if not actually the most useful one) for my development and career. It is just unbelievable what can be achieved in one semester in one course. I strongly believe DSD (or comparable course focused on something else than software development) should be mandatory part of studies because that was the closest thing comparable to real life.
    And big big big thanks to folks running DSD! Every extra minute invested in that course paid off.
  • Keep up the good work :) There is only one subject that i talk about to everyone when discussing FER and studying, the only subject that can be compared to daily tasks on work - DSD.
  • Great stuff, thank you very much for making it happen.
  • Probably the high point of my studies at FER :)
  • //about the startup opened after taking the DSD course // When we started out 1 and a half year ago we were 3 in Croatia and we had over 10 developers all over the world, with the business team and CEO out of San Francisco. Little by little we were given more and more responsibility and currently employ 13 people locally. We've been given exclusive decisions on the technical side of things of the firm, one of us becoming the CTO. Though we have localized much of the development, we still keep valuable 3 developers from all over the world . We are still working in 4 different timezones (PSD, GMT, CET, WITA) spaning across +9 to -8 hours.
    DSD gave a really good overview of what the future will look like. Although we were all inexperienced developers it proved a valuable addition to my education. Thank you for your effort and dedication :)
  • This was the only course that really required 8 ECTS of work to be done for it and was the closest thing to real-life work as possible in academic environment in my opinion.
  • DSD was very different from all other courses I had on FER. It was very interesting and useful to work on a real problem with people from different countries. Thank you for making this possible :)
  • DSD was the first and only course which provided the experience of completing something which started (only) as an idea, but became a real solution in just a few months time. This was a very valuable experience and a great preparation for the business world. Thank you!
  • It was really cool and a satisfying experience. If I'd have to do my studies again, I'd pick DSD again because it was one of the few classes which taught skills closer to a real world scenario.
  • Despite the undeniably hard work, I still remember the time spent on DSD and all the course staff very fondly. Of course, my supervisor's endless list of wishes and demands has a special place in my heart. ;-)
  • DSD was a great experience in many different aspects. Not only that it prepared us for a real job and its challenges, but it also helped us develop soft-skills, improve English, raise awareness about proactivity, and finally, it was a great opportunity to meet new friends and perhaps future business partners. :)
  • Looking at it now, the project at the DSD course was the closest a university project has ever come to a real life working scenario. The biggest win here was that I saw how difficult it is to work with people even when most of them are proactive.
  • Excellent team project which prepare people for real life where deadlines and time management is more important that the technical perfectionism.
  • Thank you for being my teachers on DSD. Without you, I wouldn't be this good as I am right now. You've learned me how to survive and cope with such working environment and I really like working this way. Please continue your great work. :)
  • I was based in MDH as an Erasmus student and I think this was definitely the best course I had in in MDH and one of the best I had at FER.
  • Keep up the good work! And would be really great to see some successful start ups coming out of DSD projects!
  • As I'm working on a daily basis with customers and colleagues who are located in different countries/different continents, the experience from DSD was most useful. Mentioning that I have experience working on distributed project, also helped me in getting my current job.
  • It was awesome and would do it every year if i could
  • DSD Course is one of the best course I had. I always talk about it!