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Reading PDF papers is now an everyday activity for researchers; however, there are several problems that waste a lot of time, for instance reading cross-references that lead to repetitive manual actions of scrolling up and down.

Smarticle is a web application that aims precisely to provide a better reading experience for researchers, helping them to concentrate on the research itself.

To achieve this, two main features were defined: first, the capability to extract key information such as figures, tables, references, etc.; and second, the ability to deduce knowledge from the extracted information helping the understanding of the document and the inspiration of new ideas.

And they are realized through the following functionalities:
- resolution and presentation of cross-references within the document
- construction of the knowledge graph showing relationships between references in the document
- creation of a summary regarding key components of the document
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PDF Upload Modal
PDF Viewer Page
Reference Tooltip and Details
Paper Details and Knowledge Graph
Knowledge Graph with Details about each Referenced Paper
Summary about Paper and Selected Text
Error Handling when a paper can't be found


Error Page


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  • BackEnd: 
    • AWS Amplify & Lambda
    • Node.js
    • NLP Cloud
  • FrontEnd:
    • React TypeScript
    • PDF.js
    • Cytoscape.js
  • Testing
    • Cypress

Important Links:

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Github: smarticle-dsd/Smarticle

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