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PrivTAP project is designed to offer to users a privacy-focused trigger action platform. It starts 
from the base idea of IFTTT (If <this> then <that>) which grants the users a connection to two different OSPs
 (Online Service Providers). 
In particular, this project enhances the aforementioned idea by giving the end-user more control over 
his data. In this way, we lower the risk of data leaks through unauthorized flow, just like it may 
happen on the IFTTT platform. 
Through a simple and user-friendly application, this project tries to connect both clients and OSPs giving 
everyone the possibility of using the platform.


  • User ( end-user/osp) can register and login on to the platform
  • OSP can create service in order to publish triggers/actions and modify the services' configuration
  • OSP can define for each service, permission privacy level and modify their configuration
  • OSP can define for each service, trigger/action and attach the privacy level required by that trigger/action in order to be executed
  • EndUser can check all the services existing on the platform and the authorized ones
  • EndUser can authorize the platform to have access to their data with the granularity defined by the OSP for a specific service
  • EndUser can create a rule using a trigger and an action that has already been authorized through the permission level
  • The platform won't access any data that is not required by the action when performing the rules



  • Vue - vuetify
  • NodeJS- express
  • GoogleCloud
  • Firebase Hosting
  • MongoDB

GitHub Repository


Authorize Privacy Level


Video Demo

If the link at the beginning of the page doesn't work anymore (our domain probably expired ) you can check a brief demo of our project here.


High Level Overview of our platform with the respective technologies



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