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The project, named ”Kosjenka,” is centered around developing an innovative web and mobile application
to assist children in learning to read more effectively. The key challenge in learning to read, particularly
for children, involves the ability to follow text without missing letters, words, or lines. This difficulty
canbe addressed by leveraging a method known as ”finger reading,” where a finger or pen acts as a
guideto help maintain focus and pace.
Kosjenka aims to replicate this ”finger reading” method through advanced gaze tracking technology. In
its reading mode, the app will position and move a pointer automatically under the text, simulating the
finger reading process. The pace of the pointer is intended to be adaptive, considering various factors like
the selected speed level in the app, the reader’s proficiency, the complexity of the text, and gaze direction
changes. This adaptation is facilitated by the integration of the visage—SDK, a software development
kit that enables gaze tracking using common RGB cameras found in web and smartphone cameras.
In addition to the reading mode, Kosjenka will feature a backend system for administrators to add,
organize, and manage reading exercises. The functionalities of the app include a user-friendly interface
for children, a variety of reading exercises categorized by complexity, search and sorting capabilities
for these exercises, and a user profile system to track individual progress and reading proficiency. The
application represents an educational technology initiative focused on addressing the reading learning
challenges faced by children. The project’s success hinges on effectively combining educational methods
with advanced technology to create a user-friendly, engaging, and educational reading experience for
children. This integration seeks to enhance the learning process, making it more enjoyable and effective
for young learners.
By leveraging modern tools and educational techniques, our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution
that fosters a love for reading and supports children in developing essential literacy skills.



Our customer is Goran Krekovic, CEO at Visage Technologies. Visage Technologies is a world-renowned
provider of specialized face tracking, analysis and recognition solutions and custom development services.

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