PDFL - PDF Legacy: Smart PDF reader



In the research environment reading papers (PDF documents) is an everyday task. When a researcher
or a student is reading a paper it can be difficult to handle all the information such as external citations,
references, tables, images, and so on, at once.
In most cases, there is so much information that user spends a significant amount of time on retrieving it
and this takes away precious time that could be used to focus on research. PDFL intends to offer a basic PDF reader and the automatization of most of the actions performed by a researcher to retrieve information about a specific paper or PDF document. PDFL can also be used as a browser extension which is easily reached with a single mouse click once installed. By providing four new features, researchers can organize and access all external citations with a generated conceptual map, visualize immediately an inner cross-reference, generate a summary of the whole document or only a small portion of selected text and highlight topic-specific phrasing.

Main Features are: 

  • resolving and presenting cross-references inside a paper. 

  • building a knowledge graph for the references of a paper.

  • generating/mining summarizations for key components of the paper.

  • highlighting used, topic-specific phrasings

  • (one more thing) chrome extension 






Architecture overview



Technologies used

  • JavaScript, Webpack
  • Jest, Cypress


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  • Salvatore Gabriele Karra: gabrielekarra@hotmail.it
  • Matteo Visotto: matev1998@gmail.com
  • Dario Mesic: dario.mesic.zg@gmail.com
  • Nina Gnjidić: ninagnjidic@gmail.com
  • Paolo Corsa: paolocorsa60@gmail.com
  • Ettore Zamponi: zamponi.ettore@gmail.com