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Project description

This project aims to develop a platform for biometric research that helps researchers to organize and keep track of their experiments and to visualize collected biometric signals. The focus is specifically on signals extracted from human faces in real-time from a simple RGB camera (e.g., a web camera or a smartphone camera). Algorithms for extracting such signals already exist and are available as a software development kit called visage|SDK. It is a widely used and well-documented SDK available for different platforms, so its integration is expected to be seamless.

FaceAnalyzer is a web app that allows researchers to organize their research activities and projects, record biometric signals, and visualize biometric signals as graphs and video stimuli.


Functionalities of FaceAnalyzer include:

  • User management to allow access to the platform for administrators (who can access all the settings and all the projects) and for researchers (who can access only projects to which they are assigned),
  • Adding, editing, and deleting research projects and experiments within projects,
  • Adding videos (or links to videos) representing stimuli to experiments,
  • Assigning researchers to projects,
  • Possibility of running and recording an experiment, i.e., playing back a video to a subject, while recording raw real-time outputs of visage|SDK,
  • Possibility of adding notes to experiments,
  • Data visualization in the form of graphs for each experiment.

Tools and technology architecture

For the minutes of meeting document we use Google Docs.

Check out our beautiful design mockups on Figma.

Here is the technology architecture:


You can check out how much each team member put into the project here: Google Sheets

Awad Osman (Backend Team Lead) - awadosman997@gmail.com

Abdelrahman Dafalla (Backend Engineer) - daffallahabdulrahman@gmail.com

Mario Vallone (Backend Engineer) - mariovallone24@gmail.com

Tin Plavec (Bankend/DevOps Engineer) - tinplavec@gmail.com

Luka Mujagić (Frontend Team Lead) - luka.mujagic@hotmail.com

Jelena Gavran (Frontend Engineer) - jelencica00@gmail.com

Jo Falck-Ytter (Frontend Engineer) - Jo.falckytter@gmail.com

Sandra Sierra (Product Owner) - sansive00@gmail.com

Luka Terzić (Scrum Master) - terzic.luka.development@gmail.com


Ivana Bosnić (FER) - ivana.bosnic@fer.hr

Alessandro De Luca (POLIMI) - alessandro2.deluca@mail.polimi.it


Gordan Kreković (CEO) - gordan.krekovic@visagetechnologies.com

Krešo Šach (Product Manager) - kreso.sach@visagetechnologies.com


For the final presentation, our teammate Jelena created a really cool commercial that we reacted to in order to demonstrate the app's functionality. You can check out the video here. Feel free to use it with the FaceAnalyzer app to check out what you really think about the video. :)

And some finishing words from Luka Terzić / Scrum Master:

The most important part of software engineering isn’t the technology you use. Software engineering is solving real-world problems using code. People that you create software for, often don’t even have a technical background, so make sure to focus on the product, and its business value first. Most of our team members didn’t even know the technology they used to implement the product, but we would say that we were quite successful!