The international FER Alumni organisation consists of several hubs across the world that bring together all the alumni that work, live or study in the same region or country.

The hubs will help the alumni to connect with colleagues in their region, learn about career opportunities at FER, and seek for partners in Croatia and other international hubs.

Help us grow this new network and invite your FER Alumni colleagues to join us!



FER Alumni hubs in the Netherlands...

After successfully opening hubs in Switzerland and in Austria, the activities of /Alumni FER International are expanding to two more European countries! 

We are happy to present you /Alumni FER/Netherlands, led by Dino Sepac, and /Alumni FER/Sweden, led by Alisa Devlic.

We look forward to upcoming activities in our hubs, as well as further expansion to new hubs!

Autor: Vana Jelicic
/Alumni FER Austria hub open

We are pleased to announce the /Alumni FER Austria hub, led by Pero Krivic! If living in Austria, do not hesistate to join the hub. 
Looking forward to boosting our community in Austria, and enhancing the connection of Austrian industry and academia with FER.

Autor: Vana Jelicic
Announcement: First /Alumni FER...

We are very excited to announce that the international hub /Alumni FER in Switzerland is organizing its first Summit@Züriberg ー a gathering of FER Alumni in Switzerland which reached over 60 members in the last month!

Prof. dr. sc. Vedran Bilas and Doc. dr. sc. Tomislav Marković from Zagreb will join as special guests!

The event will take place in Zürich on October 22nd from 15h00. We will meet at ETH Polyterrasse and hike to Wirtschaft Ziegelhütte, a restaurant situated on the hills of Zürich’s green oasis - Züriberg. We'll continue our gathering in the bowling alley of the restaurant followed by a standing dinner and drinks. More details on the registration process will follow soon!

Autor: Vana Jelicic
/Alumni FER goes international!

The recent revival of FER’s Alumni organisation in Croatia ignited a spark of interest in industry and academia. Now, for the first time, FER’s Alumni organisation is expanding across the borders.

If living in Switzerland, we invite you to join the first international hub /Alumni FER/Switzerland, led by Miranda Krekovic and Matija Varga.

After the summer vacations, we will invite all the members of /Alumni FER/Switzerland to participate in /Alumni FER Summit@ event that will bring together all FER alumni from Switzerland in one place!

Autor: Vana Jelicic