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Naslovnica Pretraživanje English AAA
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Nositelji: doc. dr. sc. Jan Šnajder
Izvođači: doc. dr. sc. Jan Šnajder - Laboratorijske vježbe
Prijava ispita: Studomat
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Svi elementi nastave na predmetu provode se na engleskom jeziku. Ova razina uključuje i predmete s više nastavnih grupa (u hrvatskoj grupi nastava je isključivo na hrvatskom jeziku, a u engleskoj grupi isključivo na engleskom jeziku).
Objavljeno: 20.10.2014. u 11:23

As announced in the introductory lecture, we will be having homework review meetings, where we will go over common errors in homework assignments, answer questions and show some minor concepts we did not have time to cover in class.


The first one will be this Wednesday, October 22, at 18:00. Attendance is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. It will be taking place in room D273, right next door to our usual lecture classroom. The duration of these sessions will vary, but they should not last nearly as long as the lectures.


We will comment on HA2, as well, even though it will likely not be completely graded by then.

Luka Skukan
Objavljeno: 19.10.2014. u 17:07
Uređeno: 19.10.2014. u 18:08

You have been assigned two HA2 peer reviews each on Ferko. This does not pertain to students who do not have Ferko access or have submitted their homework assignment in some other way. The reviews are due on Friday, October 24, at 23:59. You can access the reviews by clicking on the Course Work Reviewing/Recenziranje Radova link in the bottom right of the Ferko index page. Each student has to complete two peer reviews.


Due to unpredicted difficulties with the system configuration, this review, at least, will not be anonymous.


The review form consists of three sections - a questionnaire section, a grading section and a review conclusion section. You must lock all three sections in order. You can do so by clicking on a button at the bottom of each section. If you only lock the last section, the review and grade will not be stored successfully.


A part of the site is in Croatian even with English selected as the site language. This includes the grading section. The grades scale from 1 (only failing grade) to 5 (excellent). If you have any questions about the peer reviews, you can ask for help on the Google group or at luka.skukan@fer.hr.

Luka Skukan
Objavljeno: 18.10.2014. u 18:15
Uređeno: 19.10.2014. u 16:38

We've posted the third homework assignment. It is due on Friday, October 24, at 23:59. You do not have to lock the solutions.


Please do not write your name or matriculation number, or leave any other indication of your identity in the submitted files. We can still identify you and assign you your grades, but the peer reviews should be fully anonymous for all participants.

Luka Skukan
Objavljeno: 18.10.2014. u 13:08

We've just posted Lecture 3. You can also get it from the file repository located in the right pane of this web site.

Please take some time to go through the lecture and experiment with the code a bit. Be sure to go through two sections that we added retroactively: "Type synonyms" and "IO type".

In the next lecture, we'll take a look at additional Haskell syntax for functions: pattern matching and local definitions. To prepare, you may (but need not to) read Chapter 4 of LYH (http://learnyouahaskell.com/syntax-in-functions). We'll also take a look at how to set up a Haskell project and package it using the so-called Cabal.

Jan Šnajder
Objavljeno: 16.10.2014. u 22:59

The scores and reviews for HA1 have been posted to Ferko. Those of you who still do not have access to Ferko will receive e-mails with your reviews shortly and they will be placed on Ferko retroactively.


In other news, you no longer need to lock your homework assignment submissions, including HA2, as the underlaying problem as been solved. Your submissions have been unlocked and should remain so.

Luka Skukan
Objavljeno: 12.10.2014. u 10:52
Uređeno: 16.10.2014. u 23:00

We've posted the second homework assignment. It is due on Friday, October 17, at 23:59. Also attach the in-class exercises from Lecture 2. The same rules apply as for the first homework assignment.


The solutions to the first homework assignment have also been posted.

Luka Skukan
Objavljeno: 11.10.2014. u 21:45
Uređeno: 18.10.2014. u 12:57

We've just posted Lecture 2. You can also get it from the file repository located in the right pane of this web site.

Please take some time to go through the lecture and experiment with the code a bit.

In the next lecture, we'll take a look into types and type classes. To prepare, you may (but need not to) read Chapter 3 of LYH (http://learnyouahaskell.com/types-and-typeclasses). The theoretically inclined may (but need not to) read or skim through this and this.

Jan Šnajder
Objavljeno: 06.10.2014. u 23:37

Homework submissions are open on Ferko (http://ferko.fer.hr/ferko), at PUH > Components > Domaće Zadaće. You can switch the site to English by clicking the link in the lower left corner. Please follow the submission instructions given there.


All students for whom FER is not the native faculty, as well as former students, should have received login information via e-mail. If this is not the case, or you cannot access the site with the given information, please contact us as soon as possible.


Remember that the submission deadline is Thursday, October 9, at 17:00. The late submission deadline is 24 hours later, but you can submit late only once.

Luka Skukan
Objavljeno: 05.10.2014. u 13:59

We've posted the first homework assignment. This assignment is due on Thusday, October 9, at 17:00. 

You are also required to solve and submit all in-class exercises from the last lecture, including those solved during the lecture. The lecture is available in the file repository. Put these solutions in a separate file. The two files should be zipped and submited in a single archive via Ferko. The code should be clear, well-commented and compilable. Further instructions for submission will be available on Ferko. You may upload revised versions of the assignment until the deadline. Please do not lock your submission.

Submissions via Ferko will be enabled on Monday at the earliest.

To solve this homework, you need to understand topics covered in the lecture, as well as the second chapter of LYAH. Please read the second chapter (http://learnyouahaskell.com/starting-out) before attempting to solve the homework assignment.

Luka Skukan
Objavljeno: 04.10.2014. u 11:50
Uređeno: 04.10.2014. u 12:09

We've just posted Lecture 1. You can also get it from the file repository located in the right pane of this web site.

Please take some time to go through the lecture and experiment with the code a bit.

To prepare for the next lecture, please read the second Chapter of LYH (http://learnyouahaskell.com/starting-out). We will have a prep homework for you handed out tomorrow. The homework will be due on next Thursday. It is important that you do your homework, otherwise you won't get the max out of the class.

As always, we'd be happy to answer your questions. Please post them in our google group (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/haskell-fer).

Jan Šnajder
Objavljeno: 28.09.2014. u 14:28
Class start

PUH starts on Thursday, Oct 2, at 18:15 in lecture room 272.

You are expected to bring your own laptop computer to each class. There will be a limited number of power outlets available (we can only use a few extension cords). Please ensure that your laptop battery is fully charged before coming to the class.

For the first lecture, you will need to install the Haskell Platform on your laptop computer. You can get the Haskell Platform from here: http://hackage.haskell.org/platform/

If you encounter any problems, please post your questions here: http://groups.google.com/group/haskell-fer

Jan Šnajder
Objavljeno: 15.07.2014. u 20:14
Uređeno: 02.09.2014. u 19:13
PUH 2014 Applications

Applications for Programming in Haskell (PUH) course are now open. Click here to learn more about this course.

To apply, please fill in the application form at http://tinyurl.com/nqup45p.

The application deadline is Sept 15, 2014 at midnight. Applications after the deadline will not be accepted. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out on Sept 22, 2014.

Jan Šnajder
Objavljeno: 14.07.2014. u 16:31
Uređeno: 02.09.2014. u 19:12
Programming in Haskell 2014 Course

We're excited to announce the third edition of Programming in Haskell (PUH) course! The course will be offered in Fall semester of AY 2014/2015. Students of all levels and profiles are invited to join us!

Haskell (http://www.haskell.org) is an advanced, purely-functional programming language. Functional programming languages allow for the development of robust, concise programs in a short amount of time. By learning to program in Haskell, you will get acquainted with the functional programming paradigm -- a programming style radically different from the one you're probably used to. Haskell will change your perspective on programming and make you a better programmer, regardless of the language you program in. Allow yourself the epiphany of discovering this remarkable perspective on programming!

PUH (http://www.fer.unizg.hr/predmet/puh) gives an introductory but thorough treatment of Haskell programming. You will learn the basic concepts of functional programming and develop your Haskell programming skills by solving a variety of problems, as part of in-class hands-on exercises, regular homework assignments, and a final group project. A strong team of seven TAs will guide you and make sure you're doing everything right. On top of that, you'll polish your programming style by peer reviewing homeworks and attending biweekly review meetups with the TAs.

When, where, and how?

The lectures will be held on Thursdays, 6:15-8:45 pm in lecture room D272. Distance learning is not offered for this course. The course will be held in English (level L3). The course ECTS credits (4 ECTS as of this year) count towards the "Skills" ECTS quota.


All students need to apply. The applications are submitted online. Besides the basic data, the application includes a questionnaire and a motivational letter of at most 200 words. Students of all levels and profiles can apply, provided they have passed the following two courses: Programming and Software Engineering (19676) and Algorithms and Data Structures (21008).

Numerus clausus

For organizational reasons, the number of participants is limited. Precedence is given to (1) applicants who demonstrate a high motivation for the course, (2) second year MA students, (3) students who have not previously enrolled in this course. The time of application will not be considered when evaluating the applications. Incoming exchange students will be accepted unconditionally.

Applications from non-FER students and non-students

PUH is open to highly motivated non-FER students as well as non-students, including future and past students. Such participants must also apply (see above) but their applications will be evaluated extra quota. Note that the following restrictions apply: (1) no certificate of attendance will be provided and (2) homeworks and project assignments will not be graded. An exception are the UNIZG students that work out the formalities with their administration offices. We reserve the right to reject applications due to participant unsuitability or our limited resources.

Course enrolment requirements

All participants are required to (1) have a notebook that they can use for in-class hands-on sessions, (2) have a good command of English, (3) ensure that they can attend all classes (with at most two class absences), (4) devote at least 8 hours a week for homework/project assignments, (5) devote about 1 hour a week for peer-reviewing the homework of your fellow students. No previous knowledge of functional programming is required.

The estimated total workload for this course is 135 hours (not including optional biweekly meetups).

Course passing requirements

The students must fulfill the following requirements to pass PUH:

  1. Attend all but at most two lectures
  2. Score at least 50% on every homework assignment
  3. Complete and submit the final group project
  4. Complete all peer review assignments in the time allotted

Attendance of biweekly review meetups is optional but highly encouraged.

Important dates

  • Applications open: Jul 15, 2014
  • Applications close: Sept 15, 2014 at midnight
  • Notification of acceptance: Sept 22, 2014
  • Class start: Oct 2, 2014 at 6:15 pm

All announcements will be posted on the course website (http://www.fer.unizg.hr/predmet/puh). FER students be sure to subscribe to receive email notifications.

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Jan Šnajder
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