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Name: Rethinking Robotics for the Robot Companion of the future
Acronym: RoboCom++
Funding scheme: FLAG–ERA

Total budget: 4.216.718,90 EUR
The total budget for UNIZG-FER: 125.000 EUR

Start: 01/03/2017
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna/The BioRobotics Institute (SSSA), Italy
UNIZG-FER LABUST status: partner

The main objective of the RoboCom++ project is to lay the foundation for a future global interdisciplinary research programme (e.g., a FET-Flagship project) on a new science-based transformative robotics. RoboCom++ will gather the community and organise the knowledge necessary to rethink the design principles and fabrication technologies of future robots. RoboCom++ will aim at developing the cooperative robots (or Companion Robots) of the year 2030, by fostering a deeply multidisciplinary, transnational and federated effort. The RoboCom++ community will pursue these ambitious objectives by cooperating along three main lines of action: 1) building the community and the tools for research reproducibility (benchmarks, metrics, data sharing protocols, test platforms, standards); 2) proof-of-concept research pilots; and 3) defining the long-term S&T roadmap, competitiveness strategy, governing and financing structure, and the ethical, legal, economic and social framework of a future FET Flagship.