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SeaMor 300F - ROV (remotely operated vehicle)

Procured under EU FP7 CURE project

Manufactured By: SeaMor Marine

Vehicle applications:

• Remote Visual inspections
• Marine Security, Homeland & Port Security
• Offshore Inspections

• Science & Research
• Salvage, Search & Recovery        
• Diver Work Zone Visualization & Fish Farming

Vehicle specifications:

• Size (W X L X H) 355mm X 472mm X 355mm (14" X 18.6" X 14")
• Weight in air 20kg (45lb)
• Construction Aluminium and high impact ABS
• Depth Rating 300m (1,000 ft)
• Speed Up to 3 knots
• Horizontal Thrusters 2x150w 
• Vertical/Lateral Thrusters 2x150w

Sensors & Equipment:

• Compass, roll and pitch
• Depth
• Color CCD Camera (FCB1X10A Sony), 1.5 lux min, focus manual/auto, zoom 40:1 (10x optical, 4x digital), tilt 180 Degree and 2x50W var. intensity light (tilt with camera).
• LYYN video optimization in controller
• DVR video recorder
• Front looking Dual frequency sonar system BlueView DF900/2250. Provides the medium and ultra-short range imaging required to perform complex tasks in zero visibility conditions.
• DVL, LinkQuest, determine the velocity vector and altitude of a subsea vehicle moving across the sea floor.
• USBL Tritech, used for underwater positioning.

On-screen Indicators:

• Depth, heading, roll and pitch
• Focus Length
• Zoom
• Leak and Temperature alarms
• Thrusters stall alarms and indicators
• Time and date