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Name: China Croatia Collaboration on Marine Robotic Systems

Acronym: CC-MARS

Funding scheme: Bilater Croatia-China projects

Start and end dates: 01/09/2018 - 31/08/2019

Coordinators: University of Zagreb - FER (HR), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (CN)

The goal of this project is scientific exchange related to the design, modelling and management of marine robot systems, especially ASVs. ASV, which have been shown to be skillful in marine exploration, environmental monitoring and pipeline inspection. Compared to larger size vehicles, lightweight vehicles that can carry a man make it easy to set up in the water and return, which significantly increases their potential market and makes them an essential member of the ASV family. Additionally, the diversity of allocated tasks, resistance to errors and breakdowns, long duration of operations, and unforeseen disturbances from the environment are increasing demands on ASV autonomy.

The purpose of scientific exchange and mobility is to share knowledge in a common area of expertise between Chinese and Croatian researchers of portable and smart ASVs. This is an area with a good market and many opportunities for application. It is necessary to share all the solving methods that connect models and applications. The main goals of this collaboration are:

  • The development of a portable mini-ASV with variable and open source load
  • Excellent intelligent methods such as robust and fail-safe management
  • Proposal of new easy-to-use ASV identification methods
  • Implementing experiments to verify the ASV system in the pool and on the field