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Name: Marine robotics research infrastructure network
Acronym: EUMarineRobots
Funding scheme: H2020-INFRAIA

Total budget: 4.998.736,75 EUR

The total budget for UNIZG-FER: 301.250,00 EUR

Start: 01/03/2018
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: Universidade do Porto
UNIZG-FER LABUST status: partner

website: https://www.eumarinerobots.eu/ 

Our oceans are the least-explored region of planet Earth. Protection and sustainable development of ocean resources present formidable challenges. Robots will play an increasingly key role in the near future and this role will expand and become more challenging as we extend into deeper, remote and hostile marine environments. Europe leads in many aspects of maritime, but lacks well integrated and coordinated oceanic robotic infrastructure or presence. The marine-robotics industry is growing rapidly. It is a crucial high-value/high-cost sector with considerable entry-barriers to R&D. The full growth potential of this industry will be greatly enhanced with access to shared robotic research infrastructure.

EUMarineRobots (EUMR) proposes an access-infrastructure for the deployment of a full-range of aerial, surface, and subsurface marine robotic assets, the combined value of which is far greater than the sum of their parts. EUMR will open transnational access to significant national marine robotics R&D assets across Europe. The EUMR consortium comprises 15 partners from 10 countries who, collectively, can deploy a comprehensive portfolio of marine robotic assets with required associated support assets and expertise. 

The main objective of the EUMR project is to open key national and regional marine robotics research infrastructures (RIs) to all European researchers, from both academia and industry, ensuring their optimal use and joint development to establish a world-class marine robotics integrated infrastructure.