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LABUST was established with the goals of:

  • R & D 

of underwater systems and  technologies,

  • Education 

in the domain of navigation, guidance, and control of unmanned marine vessels (surface and underwater),

  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation 

for the purpose of underwater systems and technologies,

  • Promotion of high technology 

in sustainable development and exploitation of the sea, sub-sea, rivers, lakes, technical waters, water reservoirs as well as in maritime security,

  • Involving students, experts, researchers and scientists 

into the interdisciplinary domain of high technology sustainable development in underwater areas.



The LABUST origins can be traced back to late 1960s when the research group was formed at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering (UNIZG-FER) and at the association of shipbuilding industry „Jadranbrod“ in Zagreb. In the 1970s and 1980s cooperation with the Brodarski Institute in Zagreb, Shipyard „Uljanik“ in Pula, and Central Research Institute of Marine Fleet in Leningrad was intense. Main topics of R&D at that time were navigation, guidance, and control (NGC) of ships and submarines. In 1990s our focus diversified toward unmanned marine vehicles. In that time we operated as a research group at UNIZG-FER, to be finally established as research laboratory LABUST in December 2011, when the legislation at the UNIZG-FER allowed founding of research laboratories. The research staff changed over the years to reach the number of 10 researchers in 2016. LABUST is at present the only research laboratory with R&D and innovation capabilities for underwater systems and technologies on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea! We are proud to be able to maintain expertise in this domain in Croatia, against all odds.



Laboratory serves as the focal point for applied research and development activities in unmanned marine systems and technology for end-users. We exist to create new knowledge, educate students, provide advice for end-users, innovate, and implement solutions for our customers. We contribute to innovation in the sustainable exploitation of ocean resources. LABUST sets itself apart from others in its values and mission to inspire and seek challenging tasks.


Our vision is to advance in multidisciplinary engineering research that innovates, applies, and teaches world-class attainment in autonomous marine systems, sensor processing, and underwater acoustics for marine science, maritime archaeology, maritime security, the offshore energy sector, and other applications.



Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies
Department of Control and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Electrical Engineering and Computing
University of Zagreb
Unska 3
10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 6129 815

Fax: +385 1 6129 809