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Name: Breaking the Surface
Acronym: BtS
Funding scheme: EU Horizon 2020, Office of Naval Research Global

Total budget: 70.000,00 EUR
The total budget for UNIZG-FER: 70.000,00 EUR

Start: 01/01/2008
Duration: ongoing
Coordinator: UNIZG-FER (Croatia)
UNIZG-FER status: coordinator



BtS serves as a meeting place of experts and students of marine control engineering and signal processing and the marine robotics application areas in various types of ocean science. We are the world’s first successful, multi-year field training program that combines academic topics in marine robotics and robotics application areas and hands-on working experience in the sea, doing remote sensing and sampling for various ocean sciences. We are also unique in that we put a strong emphasis on the participation of principal investigators and established research group leaders from across the globe, catering not only to the EU or USA research communities.

The program is organized in the form of plenary talks, hands-on tutorials, and demonstrations of marine technologies.

This year, in addition to our four program tracks Marine robotics (MAROB); marine biology and marine nature protection (MARBIO); maritime security, naval and coast guard operations (MARSEC); and maritime, nautical and ship archaeology (MARCH), we will introduce new speakers from areas such as marine geology (MARGEO), oceanology (OCEAN), oceanography (GRAPH) and others.