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U popisu projekata koriste se sljedeće oznake:

  • Linija financiranja određuje izvor financiranja, npr.:
    • MZOS označava financiranje Ministarstva znanosti, obrazovanja i sporta Republike Hrvatske (MZOS). Broj nakon skraćenice MZOS, npr. 'MZOS 2007', označava godinu u kojoj je projekt započeo s radom. 
    • BICRO označava financiranje Poslovno-inovacijskog centra Hrvatske - BICRO d.o.o., 
    • HZZ označava financiranje Hrvatske zaklade za znanost (stari naziv: NZZ - Nacionalna zaklada za znanost, visoko školstvo i tehnologijski razvoj Republike Hrvatske).
  • Tip određuje vrstu projekta. 
    • ZP označava znanstvene projekte MZOS-a, 
    • INFO označava iProjekte.

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ICT COST Action IC1306 
Crypthography for Secure Digital Interaction 
Project status:
From: 2014-04-07 To: 2018-04-06 (Execution)
Type (Programme):

Croatian partner

Organisation name:
Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva 
Contact person name:
Valter Vasić,
Contact person tel:

Short description of project

As increasing amounts of sensitive data are exchanged and processed every day on the Internet, the need for security is paramount. Cryptography is the fundamental tool for securing digital interactions, and allows much more than secure communication: recent breakthroughs in cryptography enable the protection - at least from a theoretical point of view - of any interactive data processing task. This includes electronic voting, outsourcing of storage and computation, e-payments, electronic auctions, etc. However, as cryptography advances and becomes more complex, single research groups become specialized and lose contact with "the big picture". Fragmentation in this field can be dangerous, as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. To ensure that the ideas produced in Europe's many excellent research groups will have a practical impact, coordination among national efforts and different skills is needed. The aim of this COST Action is to stimulate interaction between the different national efforts in order to develop new cryptographic solutions and to evaluate the security of deployed algorithms with applications to the secure digital interactions between citizens, companies and governments. The Action will foster a network of European research centers thus promoting movement of ideas and people between partners.