Thermal power plant



The thermal power plant is currently undergoing reconstruction
Sn 15 kVA
Un 380 V
Rated power factor 0.86
Rated speed 1000 RPM
Synchronous reactance 0.363 p.u.
Transient reactance 0.27 p.u.
Subtransient reactance 0.042 p.u.


  • the motor is simulating a thermal turbine
  • generator
  • generator busbars
  • generator circuit breakers
  • feeder disconnector
  • current and voltage measuring transformers
  • protective relays
  • power plant control system
  • the network synchronoscope


The generator is able to synchronize to the power network by several transmission lines with different impedances connected in series or parallel.

Measuring equipment is able to capture generator dynamics (machine swing curve) and generator load angle after opening and quickly reclosing transmission lines or different loads.