Research projects



Active projects



CROSS BOrder management of variable renewable energies and storage units enabling a transnational Wholesale market - CROSSBOW

                                                  WIND Energy Integration in Low Inertia Power System - WINDLIPS

Smart building - Smart grid - Smart city - 3SMART

Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Station - EVBASS

Smart Integration of RENewables - SIREN

microGRId Positioning - uGRIP


Development of Advanced High Voltage Systems by Application of New Information and Communication Technologies - DAHVAT

Flexible Energy Nodes in Low Carbon Smart Grid - FENISG


Impact of Wind Power Plants Unpredictability on Ancillary Services Provision - WIND-ASP

Flexible Urban Systems in Multi-Energy Environment - FUTURE



Instigation of Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Solutions for Cities - IRES-8


Completed projects

Flexible Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - Flex-ChEV


Emergent phenomena testbed simulator for improving SCADA performance in power system security management

BUilding Green Skills


Intelligent information system for monitoring and verification of energy management in cities

Sustavi Niskougljičnih Održivih Više energijskih mIkromreža - SNOVI

HR-SR bilateral project

Classification of European biomass potential for bioenergy using terrestrial and earth observations

Virtual Balkan Power Centre for Advance of Renewable Energy Sources in Western Balkans

Citizen Participation in Energy Efficiency Action Planning

Financial Risk Evaluation, Using IAEA FINPLAN Tool, for Financing New Large Energy Project