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Human-Oriented Technologies Laboratory (HOTLab) is a research group within the Department of telecommunications, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing, University of Zagreb. Our research draws on insight about the natural means of human communication and perception and uses such insight in developing innovative technical solutions oriented towards humans. HOTLab strives towards technologies that will provide us easier and more natural access to information and services, as well as innovative technological means of human-to-human communication. Examples of such technologies include Embodied Conversational Agents, Networked Virtual Environments, Augmented and Virtual Reality. At the core of HOTLab research activities is faithful simulation of human-like characters, their animation and behavior. This is the basis for the wider interest in Embodied Conversational Agents, as well as integration of such agents into networked and mobile environments and/or virtual and augmented reality.


For more information, please visit the HOTLAB Web site.