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Principal Investigator:

Professor Maja Matijasevic, Ph.D.



Associate Professor Lea Skorin-Kapov, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Ognjen Dobrijevic, Ph.D.

Sanja Grubesa, Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher

Mirko Suznjevic, Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher

Ivan Slivar, Ph.D. student



Sabina Baraković, Ph.D.

Mate Ivancic, Ph.D. student

Ivana Stupar, Ph.D. student



Professor Igor S. Pandzic, Ph.D.

Assoc. Professor Ivana Podnar Žarko, Ph.D.

Marija Furdek, Ph.D. (Optical Networks Lab, School of ICT, Royal Institute of Technology - KTH, Sweden)

Former Members and Associates (with current affiliation):

Tomislav Grgic, Ph.D., (Ericsson Nikola Tesla)

Krunoslav Ivesic, Ph.D. (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, R&D Center)

Renato Filjar, Ph.D. (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, R&D Center and University of Rijeka)

Lidija Busic (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, R&D Center)

Miran Mosmondor, M.Sc. (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, R&D Center)

Hrvoje Simic (CROZ, Zagreb)

Goran Rajnpreht (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, R&D Center)

Agata Brajdic (Opera Research Group, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge)


Former PhD Students:

Dario Mikic, graduated with M.S. degree in May 2002
    M.S. thesis title: Matching virtual reality applications QoS to access capabilities, University of Zagreb, FER, May 2002 (in Croatian)

Danko Vilendecic, graduated with M.S. degree in January 2006
    M.S. thesis title: Session management emulator for networked virtual reality services in UMTS, University of Zagreb, FER, January 2006 (in Croatian)

Hrvoje Komericki, graduated with M.S. degree in December 2005
    M.S. thesis title: Control of multimedia session parameters in UMTS network, University of Zagreb, FER, December 2005 (in Croatian)