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In the week starting on 2008-06-23 the project leader prof. Ivica Crnković came to Zagreb, with two PhD students from Mälardalen University, Aneta Vulgarakis and Séverine Sentilles, who work on the PROGRESS project. Meetings at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing were held on Monday and Tuesday during which relations between the DICES and PROGRESS projects were discussed.

Details about the stay of DICES PhD student researchers in Sweden were defined - the first visit will take place from August till the end of October. Also, prof. Crnković presented three possible PhD thesis topics that are to be realized within the DICES project.

On Wednesday, a team building excursion was organized on mountain Risnjak, a national park in the Gorski Kotar region. In the beautiful surroundings of the park, the conclusions from Monday's and Tuesday's meetings were confirmed. Additional talks about proposed PhD topics were done, discussing about the state of art in Component-based Software Engineering (CBSE), current problems and their possible solutions.

A few images from the excursion can be seen below.