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Distributed Component-based Embedded Software Systems


Supported by

Unity Through Knowledge FundGrant type: 1A
Total funding: 315 720 €
Countries: Croatia, Sweden
Project leader: Ivica Crnković
Project duration: 2008-03-01 - 2011-03-01



Project under the Research Cooperability Programme of the Unity Through Knowledge Fund – UKF




DICES has a goal to advance development of distributed embedded software systems with emphasis on software reusability and predictability of software quality.


The overall presence of distributed embedded systems in the modern society is a fact. Examples of such systems are telecommunication systems, grid systems, control and information systems of vehicular systems (cars, trains), different monitoring environmental systems. Embedded systems development is one of the strategic research areas of EU-FP7 programmes. It is also of significant importance in Croatia, since many leading companies in Croatia either produce such systems (e.g. Končar, Ericsson Nikola Tesla) or use such systems (e.g. Pliva).


The aim of the project is increasing the software development efficiency and quality by applying service-oriented and componentbased approaches. The project advances theories and methodologies for prediction of certain system properties (such as resource utilisation, and performance), develops tools that help in reusability of software components, and assure performance efficiency of the systems.


The project applies existing and develops new theories for predictability of certain quality attributes providing:

  1. improved and more efficient software development
  2. optimal solutions of software architecture and components configurations for distributed systems.


The theories were validated on a case – “iForestFire - Intelligent Forest Fire System” developed at FESB Split. This enabled a thorough validation of the approach and provided input for further development of this system and possible commercialisation of the improved product.


The additional goal of DICES is improving the structural research potential in the field of Software Engineering in Croatia. The project contributed in establishment of network of excellence in software engineering in Croatia by performing DICES on two Croatian and one Swedish research centre and by connecting DICES to several projects performed in Sweden and EU.



Potential benefit of the project to the development of Croatia

Due to accelerating increase of software, Software Engineering is an increasingly important area, but with some exceptions not on the top excellence level in Croatia. The aim of the project is to improve state of the art of software engineering and for this reason highly relevant for development of Croatia.


Component-based and predictable development for embedded systems – the area that is a hot topic in EU research and as such brings Croatia’s research close to the excellence research communities.


The inclusion of embedded software in any type of systems is inevitable process today, at the same time the embedded software development is not yet widely established in the EU and the world– this gives a chance for countries like Croatia to achieve world-recognised results with less efforts than in many other established engineering fields.



Project funding

DICES project is suported by the Unity Through Knowledge Fund. Other funding was ensured by DICES industrial and academic partners, Ericsson Nikola Tesla (ENT), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB) and Mälardalen University (MDU).


UKF 199 920 €
ENT 20 000 €
FER 13 200 €
FESB 12 600 €
MDU 70 000 €
Total 315 720 €