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YEAR 2011

Short visit to Sweden to discuss future research plans

Ana, Josip, Luka, 02 - 16.03.2011.,Västerås, Sweden


YEAR: 2010

Ana, Luka and Juraj have passed their qualification exams at FER
21.12.2010., Zagreb, Croatia


Marin Orlić defended his PhD thesis, congratulations!
04.11.2010., Zagreb, Croatia


Long visit to Sweden

Ana, Josip, Juraj, Luka, September - November 2010.,Västerås, Sweden


DICES researchers attended PROGRESS workshop

10 - 14.10.2010., Palma de Mallorca, Spain

DICES workshop held within the SOFTCOM conference in Croatia

23 - 25.10.2010., Bol, Croatia

Participation and paper presentation at ICWE 2010 conference by Josip

05 - 09.07.2010., Vienna, Austria

DICES researchers attended COMPARCH'10 conference

21 - 26.06.2010., Praha, Czech Republic


A visit to Sweden to participate PRIDE tool testing day (latest release of PRIDE was tested)

05 - 12.06.2010.,Västerås, Sweden


Several meetings with our industrial partner Ericsson Nikola Tesla. The cooperation was established with Ericsson Mobile Health (EMH) group.

February - June 2010., Zagreb, Croatia


YEAR: 2009

Josip Maras participated and presented his paper on a poster session at ASE 2009 conference
16 - 20.11.2009.,
Auckland, New Zealand

Long visit to Sweden
Ana, Juraj, Luka, Josip: September -  November 2009.,
Västerås, Sweden


DICES researchers attended PROGRESS workshop
17 - 21.10.2009., Split, Croatia

Participation and paper presentation at Euromicro 2009 conference
27 - 29.08.2009.,
Patras, Greece

Participation and paper presentation at WCOP'09 workshop and CBSE'09 conference
24 - 26.06.2009.,
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

DICES meeting held in Split
15 - 16.06.2009.,
Split, Croatia

New publications - technical reports (can be found on the Publications page)
March 2009.

DICES meeting (distributed)
February 2009.,
Västerås (Sweden), Zagreb (Croatia), Split (Croatia)


Long visit to Sweden
Ana: February -  March 2009.,
Västerås, Sweden

Juraj, Luka: March - June 2009., Västerås, Sweden

  Josip: March 2009., Västerås, Sweden

New team member joined DICES - Josip Maras
January 2009., Split, Croatia

YEAR: 2008

DICES meeting attended by all parties involved in project (FER, FESB, MdH, Ericsson)

17.11.2008., Zagreb, Croatia


Ana, Juraj and Luka presented their papers at SERPS'08 conference
4 - 5.11.2008., Karlskrona, Sweden

DICES researchers attended PROGRESS workshop
20 - 23.10.2008., Alicante, Spain

DICES researchers attended COMPARCH'08 conference
14 - 17.10.2008., Karlsruhe, Germany


First long visit to Mälardalen University (until November, 2008)
15.08.2008., Västerås, Sweden

Juraj and Ana graduated
07.07.2008., Zagreb, Croatia

Project meeting and team building in June
23 - 25.06.2008., Zagreb - Risnjak, Croatia

Luka graduated
19.05.2008., Zagreb, Croatia

DICES project first meeting
17.03.2008., Samobor, Croatia