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Welcome to the Center of Excellence for Computer Vision (CRV) at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. The center promotes collaboration between its members in the topics of computer vision and image understanding, pattern recognition and digital image processing and analysis.

We are always intersted in enlisting new members that share same research interests and also look forward to applications from outstanding students.

Published: 05.02.2014. at 10:52
VISTA - Computer Vision Innovations...

Members of the Center for Computer Vision at University of Zagreb have started a new research project under title "VISTA - Computer Vision Innovations for Safe Traffic", which concentrates on research activities in the area of intelligent computer vision systems for transport applications. The project is funded by the EU-IPA program, which is targeted towards strengthening research and innovation capacities.

The first main goal of the project is research in the area of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as vehicle surround view systems, traffic sign recognition, driver mental state recognition, collision detection and warning systems, pedestrian detection, and analysis of traffic scenes. The second main goal of the project is networking with companies in automotive sector in Croatia in order to encourage transfer of technology and foster development and commercialization of innovative knowledge-based products for the European automotive industry.

The project partners are Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. More than 20 companies will be involved in the networking activities.

For more information please contact the project leader prof. Sven Loncaric.

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