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EUROFLEETS2 - New operational steps towards and alliance of European research fleets (FP7 EUROFLEETS2 312767)

  • develop the fast identification by self-oscillation ROS node
  • object relative dynamic positioning of underwater vehicles

CADDY - Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy (FP7 CADDY 611373)

  • simulation software for underwater diver tracking
  • hardware/software integration on surface and undewater vehicles
  • diver tracking and guidance with an underwater vehicle
  • underwater navigation


Autonomous surface platform for diver tracking and navigation

  • MicroNav USBL hardware extensions for simultaneous communication and navigation
  • Tritech SDK for ROS
  • embedded Seanet + Wine extensions for linux X-system
  • USBL diver communication management
  • autonomous surface platform (PlaDyPos) control and navigation in ROS

CART - Cooperative Autonomous Robotic Towing system (FP7 CART 285878)

  • control and navigation architecture in the ROS framework for the autonomous vehicles
  • 6DoF vehicle simulation in ROS and integration with UWSim

Autonomous Naval MCM Neutralization (NATO-NURC project)

  • control and navigation software for the disposable UUV in C++/MOOS framework
  • aided sonar navigation and guidance for the UUV
  • sonar image processing for UUV detection and navigation aiding

CURE – Developing Croatian Underwater Robotics Research Potential (FP7 CURE 229553)

  • research on control and navigation frameworks
  • generic plugin based control and navigation system
  • dynamic reconfiguration framework on top of MOOS
  • control architecture implementation for the Seamor ROV
  • sonar data processing