Smart Grid Laboratory has been established in 2015 year.

SGLab has advanced power system components whose inter-operation can be observed:

  • Electrical energy storage (Li-Ion batteries used in electric vehicles)
  • 3 industrial inverters rated 2250 VA / 1800 W each
  • 20 PV modules:
    • 10 polycrystalline silicon modules (130 W per module for 1000 W/m2 solar irradiation with 1m2 panel area)
    • 10 monocrystalline silicon modules (140 W for 1000 W/m2 solar irradiation with 1m2 panel area)
  • Different load types (linear, nonlinear, drives)
  • Distributed generation model (5.5 kW microturbine and 1.5 kW cogeneration)
  • DC drive driven engine that simulates a 15 kW thermal power plant (busbars, protection equipment, metering equipment)
  • 20 kW hydroelectric power plant with a Pelton turbine (with turbine governor and rated flow of 27 liters/s)
  • A system of power lines with corresponding circuit breakers that simulate a transmission grid 

Laboratory concept

Laboratory structure connected to the existing test grid  

Photo of the lab (thermal power plant, hydro power plant and transmission system)  

Smart metering of utilities (heating, electricity and water) which is a crucial part of smart housing is also investigated in the Lab

Structure of the information system for energy management (ISGE)


ISGE system "Baltazar"