FUTURE –“Flexible Urban Systems in Multi-Energy Environment” is a collaboration between the Universities of Zagreb, Croatia and Tsinghua University, China.




Flexible Urban Systems in Multi-Energy Environment

Acronym - FUTURE

The innovative segment of the FUTURE project includes the development of techno-economic optimization framework for operation of distributed multi-energy units (DMEU) and development planning of different multi-energy urban systems. Shortcomings of recent optimization models are manifested in the facts that coordinated operation of various energy vectors is not regarded and fact that deterministic environment to observe the operation is not satisfactory under the stochastic environment of consumption and prices fluctuations.

 International partner

 Tsinghua University, China

 International partner contact person

 Associate prof. Ning Zhang

 Croatian partner contact person

 Assistant prof. Tomislav Capuder 

 Project funding

 8.000 [EUR]

 Project duration

 From: 2018-01-01 To: 2019-12-31 (Execution)