Another Successful PhD Defense in our...

On February 4, 2022, Mirna Gržanić successfully defended her thesis titled "Innovative models of flexible final customers in operation of smart distributed energy systems". We are especially proud of the fact that Mirna published three Q1 Current content journal papers (just to mention some of her success) which means that she completed her doctorate under the Scandinavian model. During her doctorate, Mirna also collaborated with Juan Miguel Morales González and Salvador Pineda Morente from the Universidad de Málaga as well as Marco Giacomo Flammini and Giuseppe Prettico, Ph.D. from the Joint Research Centre who all helped her on her path to learning and creating new ideas.

Members of her PhD committee were professor Marko Delimar (UNIZG-FER), professor Hrvoje Pandzic (UNIZG-FER) and Maja Bozicevic Vrhovcak (Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar).

Mirna worked on numerous projects for the Hrvatska zaklada za znanost (Croatian Science Foundation) and H2020 and we are delighted that she will stay on board now as a postdoc within the Department DEPS.

Congrats, Mirna, keep on the great work! :)

Author: Sara Jovanović
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