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  • Mathematical structures in mathematical models and numerical algorithms.
  • Construction of combinatorial structures.
  • Symmetric block designs.
  • Group theory.
  • Nonlinear and quasi-linear elliptic equations.
  • Ordinary differential equations.
  • Dynamical systems.
  • Fractal analysis.
  • Inequalities in analysis and applications.
  • Representation theory.


Dr. sc. Maja Resman je na Perspectives on Parabolic Points in Holomorphic Dynamics, 29. ožujka do 3. travnja 2015. održala predavanje s naslovom Classifications of parabolic germs and fractal properties of orbits. Video snimku predavanja pogledajte na http://www.birs.ca/events/2015/5-day-workshops/15w5082/videos/watch/201504021949-Resman.html.

Autor: Vesna Županović
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