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"The Future of Wireless Communications"

koje će održati Douglas Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., CEO Eridan Communications, Santa Clara, CA, SAD. Predavanje će se održati u ponedjeljak 4. ožujka 2019. godine u 11:00 sati Bijeloj vijećnici Fakulteta elektrotehnike i računarstva Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, zgrada D - prizemno, Unska 3, Zagreb.

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The increased demands for data throughput in wireless communications has placed challenges on present day radiofrequency transmission equipment in mobile and point to point communications. This presentation reviews the the state of the art and future outlook with focus on the digital sampling radio and switch mode mixer-modulator technology developed at Eridan Communications.

Short bio:

Douglas Kirkpatrick received his BS degree (Physics & Mathematics) from the College of William and Mary (1980) and his Ph.D. from MIT in 1988 (Physics). Dr. Kirkpatrick is a founding General Partner of InnerProduct Partners, a seed and early stage investment fund that deploys into its portfolio companies to actively aid in the technology development and transition to product. Prior to forming InnerProduct Partners, he was a Partner with Vantage Point Capital Partners, a leading Silicon Valley cleantech firm with over $4B under management. Dr. Kirkpatrick’s investment focus areas at Vantage Point included solar, biofuels, lighting, and energy storage. From 2002-2010 Dr. Kirkpatrick was a Program Manager and subsequently Chief Scientist at DARPA. In his eight years at DARPA he ran a portfolio of more than 25 programs including Biofuels, LED lighting, real-time dynamic holographic displays, very high efficiency solar cells, rapid DNA synthesis, cognitive technology based threat warning systems, and a diverse set of classified programs. Prior to DARPA, Dr. Kirkpatrick was the VP of R&D for Fusion Lighting, a Maryland-based startup commercializing RF- and microwave-powered high efficiency lighting for general lighting and displays. From 1988-1997, Dr. Kirkpatrick was a staff scientist and VP at SAIC where he managed a group of scientists and engineers developing a diverse set of materials technologies for various DOD and commercial applications.

Dr. Kirkpatrick is an experienced senior manager of technology development and productization in both the commercial and government sectors. He has managed multi-disciplinary teams spanning a wide range of technical fields, and has led or managed project activities from initial exploratory research through low rate initial production. He is a strong leader and motivator, and has experience in both building new organizations and reshaping more mature teams. He has authored more than 30 journal articles and over 60 US and International Patents covering a broad range of fields including free electron lasers, field emission, microstructure composite materials, bio-composite electronics, solar cells, coating processes and materials, high efficiency RF devices and circuits, and advanced lighting technologies including materials, non-imaging optics, and integrated technology systems. Dr. Kirkpatrick is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the Society of Collegiate Journalists, IEEE, and MRS.

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