UKF project

Department of Wireless Communication with partner institution University of Michigan (USA) got the UKF project on the subject Passive and Active Metamaterial Structures for Guiding, Scattering and Radiation of Electromagnetic Energy. Project leader is Prof. Silvio Hrabar, Ph.D. (UNIZG) and project co-leaders are Anthony Grbic, Ph. D (Umich) and Prof. Zvonimir Šipuš, Ph.D. (UNIZG). Project started at 15th October, 2013 and it lasts up to 30th September, 2015. M.El Vedran Ciganović, and M.El Mladen Vukomanović are employed as research assistants on the project. More information about that project as well as fresh news you can find by clicking on the URL:

Author: Zvonimir Šipuš
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