Doctors of Science

In 2012 Professor Aleksa Bjelišrector of the University of Zagreb, has promoted 1400 new doctors of science and doctors of art including four junior researchers from the Department of Wireless Communications. Candidates, dressed in gowns and academic caps, went in procession from the University building to the Croatian National Theatre where the ceremony was held.

At the graduation ceremony held on July 1 promoted were Tomislav Debogović, PhD and Emil Dumić, PhD, at the graduation ceremony held on September 30 promoted was Marko Bosiljevac, PhD, and at the graduation ceremony held on October 21 promoted was Tin Komljenović, PhD.

Some pictures may be found below.

Graduation ceremony at the Croatian National Theatre


Tomislav Debogović, PhD


Marko Bosiljevac, PhD


Tin Komljenović, PhD

Author: Jelena Božek
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