FER's Dean from our Department

From today, 1st October 2014, the new Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) for the period of academic years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 is Prof Mislav Grgić, full professor at our Department of Wireless Communications.


We wish our new dean a lot of success in his work!


Author: Jelena Božek
New Head of the Department

Starting with the 1st October 2014 the head of the Department of Wireless Communications is Professor Zvonimir Šipuš. Deputy Head of the Department is Professor Gordan Šišul.

We congratulate on the election and wish a lot of success!

Author: Jelena Božek
Green Engineering Laboratory (GEL)

FER's faculty council, on its meeting held on April 16, 2014, adopted a decision on establishment of a new research laboratory at FER:

  • Green Engineering Laboratory (acronym: GEL); the head of the laboratory is Prof Dina Šimunić.
Author: Željko Martinović
UKF project

Department of Wireless Communication with partner institution University of Michigan (USA) got the UKF project on the subject Passive and Active Metamaterial Structures for Guiding, Scattering and Radiation of Electromagnetic Energy. Project leader is Prof. Silvio Hrabar, Ph.D. (UNIZG) and project co-leaders are Anthony Grbic, Ph. D (Umich) and Prof. Zvonimir Šipuš, Ph.D. (UNIZG). Project started at 15th October, 2013 and it lasts up to 30th September, 2015. M.El Vedran Ciganović, and M.El Mladen Vukomanović are employed as research assistants on the project. More information about that project as well as fresh news you can find by clicking on the URL:

Author: Zvonimir Šipuš
Company visit to Croatian Air Traffic...

Students attending Radionavigation course visited Croatian Air Traffic Control on 24 May 2013. Communication and navigation systems for air traffic control and Techical Division activities were presented to them.





More images can be found below.

Author: Josip Vuković
Our students participated in Rohde...

Students from our Department participated in the Rohde & Schwarz 2013 Case Study Competition held on 7 May 2013 at the Graz University of Technology.

Case Study was comprised of a total of 25 numerical and theoretical tasks. Scoring was done based on the creative approaches to solving a problem and the presentation of the outcome of the project.

FER was represented by two teams:

Team RK: Igor Vitas (2nd year of graduate study - Wireless Communications), Marija Karač (3rd year undergraduate - Wireless Communications), Tibor Jurković (3rd year - Electronic and Computer Engineering) and Tamara Rajić (2nd year graduate - Wireless Communications) ;

Team Walter: Željko Martinović (2nd year graduate - Wireless Communications), Iva Piplica (1st year graduate - Wireless Communications), Andrej Galoić (1st year graduate - Wireless Communications), Luka Anđelić (1st year graduate - Electrical Systems and Technology) and Žarko Martinović (1st year graduate - Electrical Systems and Technology).

We are proud to say that the Team RK was the winner of the preliminary round in Graz and entered the final round of the competition which will be held in Munich from 27 to 29 June 2013. In the final round will participate students from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Singapore. More about the competition is available on the official website.

We congratulate to all participants and wish lot of success to the Team RK in the final round!

Author: Jelena Božek
Award for Science

Professor Silvio Hrabar was awarded with the Award for Science of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing for exceptional achievement in research and innovation in the past five years, and in particular for his contribution to the understanding of the physics of electromagnetic metamaterials and development of their engineering applications.

Author: Jelena Božek
Silver plaque "Josip Lončar"

At the celebration of the Day of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing held on Friday, 23 November 2012 the silver plaque "Josip Lončar" were given for academic year 2011/2012 for particularly successful doctoral dissertation and research work. Three plaques out of five were given to the researchers at the Department of Wireless Communications:

- Marko Bosiljevac, PhD, dissertation titled "Efficient analysis of curved and periodic electromagnetic structures using asymptotic forms of the Green's functions" ("
Djelotvorna analiza zakrivljenih i periodičkih elektromagnetskih struktura primjenom asimptotskih oblika Greenovih funkcija'), supervisor: Professor Zvonimir Šipuš,

- Tin Komljenovič, PhD, dissertation titled "Extended-cavity optical modulation sources with averaging Reflectors" ("
Optički izvori s produženom rezonantnom šupljinom i usrednjavajućim reflektorima"), supervisors: Professor Zvonimir Šipuš and Assistant Professor Dubravko Babić,

- Emil Dumić, PhD, dissertation titled
"Objektivna mjera kvalitete slike utemeljena na višerezolucijskoj analizi" ("An objective image quality measure based on the multiresolution analysis"), supervisor: Professor Sonja Grgić.

Author: Jelena Božek
Doctors of Science

In 2012 Professor Aleksa Bjelišrector of the University of Zagreb, has promoted 1400 new doctors of science and doctors of art including four junior researchers from the Department of Wireless Communications. Candidates, dressed in gowns and academic caps, went in procession from the University building to the Croatian National Theatre where the ceremony was held.

At the graduation ceremony held on July 1 promoted were Tomislav Debogović, PhD and Emil Dumić, PhD, at the graduation ceremony held on September 30 promoted was Marko Bosiljevac, PhD, and at the graduation ceremony held on October 21 promoted was Tin Komljenović, PhD.

Some pictures may be found below.

Author: Jelena Božek
Department members attending TRANSMIT...

In September of 2012 professor Tomislav Kos and research assistants Pavel Najman and Josip Vuković attended the 2nd TRANSMIT Summer School 2012: Threats to different systems due to propagating ionization fronts and irregularities in the ionosphere in Neustrelitz, Germany.  They also visited the German Institute of Communications and Navigation within German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Neustrelitz.  In addition, they took the opportunity to see the Peenemünde complex where the first rocket that reached the outer space (V-2) was constructed and launched.

Author: Josip Vuković
New Head of the Department

Since 1 October 2012 the head of the Department of Wireless Communications is Professor Sonja Grgić. Deputy Head of the Department is Professor Zvonimir Šipuš.

We congratulate on the election and wish lot of success!

Author: Jelena Božek
Traditional barbecue 2012

Traditional barbecue of the Department of Wireless Communications will be held on 6th July 2012 on lake Bundek. Participation fee is 70 kuna per person, and it can be paid to the Secretary of the Department no later than Wednesday, 4th July 2012.

For all questions you can contact, or you can ask here!

Author: Jelena Božek
Launched new web-site of the...

After a long time the website of the Department of Wireless Communications is launched. The new site provides general information about teaching, research and professional activities of the Department .

A brief history of the
Department, as well as current events and traditional gatherings, to students and everyone interested in cooperation represents the Department and its employees and provides better insight into the work of the Department.

Author: Jelena Božek