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Short CV Zoran Vukić has more than 45 years of experience in education and research. He has led a number of research projects (national and international), published four books, three book chapters, and more than 200 papers  (in journals and at conferences) as author or co-author. 
Current positions

10/2019 - Present: Retired

11/2006 – 09/2019: Full Professor Tenure, University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Control and Computer Engineering.

11/2011 – 05/2019: Head of the Laboratory for Underwater systems and Technologies, University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Control and Computer Engineering.

2005 – Present: President of the Non Government Organization (NGO) “Center for Underwater Systems and Technologies, Zagreb, Croatia.

12/2017 – Present:  Co-founder of the H2O Robotics” – spin-off company. 

Education Ph.D. EE (1989) University of Zagreb-FER

2011 - 2012 Committee for tracking programmes of the European union for research and technology development of the Ministry of science, education and sports.

2008 – Present: Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) - Scientific Maritime Council  - Section marine technology.

2010 - 2015: University of Zagreb Council, Representative of the University of Zagreb.

1992 - 1996 Department Chair 

Research interests

Applications of control engineering methods to marine vessels (ships, unmanned underwater and surface vehicles). Specifically, adaptive and robust control, nonlinear control, fault tolerant control, reconfigurable control, cooperative control.

Research projects Projects 

Automatic Control (3rd year B.E.E. regular undergraduate course),

Nonlinear control systems (1st year M.E.E. regular graduate course)

Adaptive and robust control (1st year M.E.E. elective graduate course)

Guidance and control of marine vessels (2nd year M.E.E. elective graduate course)

Adaptive and robust control - selected topics (Ph.D. post-graduate course)

Multivariable control systems (Ph.D. post-graduate course)

Awards and Honors

2018 - Life member of IEEE

2011 „Josip Lončar“ Golden plaque

2004 “J. J. Strossmayer” award of the Croatian Science and Art Academy (HAZU)  for the book "Automatic Control - Analysis of linear systems", Kogen, Zagreb, 2004 (in Croatian) (co-authored by Lj. Kuljača)

2003 “Donald Maxwell Award” of the UK society “Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology” (IMarEST) for the year 2002/2003 for the best paper. 

1994 - 1996 Visiting Professor at University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

1985-1986 Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

1984-1985 Fulbright Fellow at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

1984 - specialization at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Editorial Boards

2017 - Present: Journal “Underwater Technology” published by Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)

1992 - Present: Journal "Brodogradnja"(Shipbuilding)


2011 – 2013 Advisory group member for the FP7 BALCON project

2003 - Present: Evaluator and reviewer of EU, Croatian, Slovenian, Norwegian and UK projects

2009 - Present: General Chair of the "Breaking the surface" workshop/field-trainings


1992 – Present: IFAC Technical Committee on Marine Systems

2001 – Present: Mediterranean Control Association  (MCA)

2012 - Present: IEEE RAS Marine Robotics Technical Committee

1995 – Present: Slovenian automation society

2009 – Present: Association for unmanned vehicle systems international

1991 – Present: Fulbright Alumni Association in Zagreb

1993 – Present Member of KoREMA

1985 – Present: Engineering honor societies Tau Beta Pi  and Eta Kappa Nu

1984 - Present: IEEE

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 E-mail: zoran.vukic (at)