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Research and developement

The first specific objective of the action is conducting R&D activities towards commercialization of specific innovative computer vision applications. Implementation of R&D activities requires purchase of research equipment and employment of R&D engineers, which will represent enhancement of the R&D capacity. R&D results on seven computer vision applications will enhance amount of intellectual property that will be available for commercialization.


WP3 is a research result-oriented activity which will focus on research and development of seven computer vision-based driver assistance systems for improvement of safe traffic:

  1. Surround view parking assistance,
  2. Detection of road side vegetation,
  3. Automatic headlight detection,
  4. Lane departure and collision warning,
  5. Traffic sign detection and recognition,
  6. Lane detection and recognition,
  7. Driver fatigue monitoring.


By conducting research and proof-of-concept phases for the seven innovative systems the partner HEIs will improve their capacity for transfer of technology towards SMEs in the Croatian automotive industry sector. The activity will enable SMEs to be able to collaborate with the partner HEIs in obtaining high tech solutions for new innovative products.


Research and development methodology

  • Mathematical analysis and modelling will be used heavily throughout all R&D tasks in the action to ensure maximum performance of the R&D outputs and to ensure minimal costs.
  • Precise definition of research problems will be formed iteratively through negotiations of the partner HEIs and the associated SMEs and other target group SMEs.
  • Research methods will be experimentally tested to perform validation of the approaches.


This project is cofinanced by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


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