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Acronym: 036-0362027-1640 
Project status: From: 2007-01-01 To: 2011-12-31 (Completed)
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Type (Programme): MZOS 2007 
Instrument: ZP 
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Croatian partner
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Croatian partner
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Contact person name: Dragan, Jevtić
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Short description of project
Telecommunication network and services are faced with new user requirements that in many cases produce unpredictable information traffic. Innovations in basic technologies make possible implementation of ultra-high capacity all-optical transmission networks. Services that ICT offers to individual and business users are for themselves defined by quality and cost. Required quality and competitive costs of services are achieved by knowledge-based management of network and service recourses, from the level of transmission photonic network to the level of service provisioning and forecasting. Research goals: Definition of models that will be used in testing of new concepts for network and service management based on knowledge and intelligence. Design of optical transmission architectures with Gigabit capacities. Modeling and simulation of complex topologies with unrestricted structures. Modeling, analysis and comparison of performances of optical networks with circuit, burst and packet switching. Management of these networks is based on GMPLS protocol, with the goal to achieve better capacity usability and availability improvement of optical WDM networks. Expected results: Model of intelligent agent dedicated to service requirements routing based on network load distribution. Model of adaptive provisioning of server processing capacity. Evaluation of efficiency parameters related to service traffic management. Forecasting process based on cause-effect chain and services interaction. Model of optical network based on burst switching and GMPLS protocol. Methods of results verification: Simulation and verification of agent models. Simulation output data will be used in assessment of agent models efficiency for selected traffic cases and services. Based on developed optical network model, simulation will be used in order to evaluate if the introduction of optical burst switching is economically justified in comparison to other optical switching techniques. Importance of the research lies in possibility of results application in optimization of network architectures, techniques and service processing on all network levels. Proposed research is a continuation of the work within multilateral European project started in 1991: COST 239, 266, 291 and FP6 consortia of Networks of excellence e-Photon/ONe i e-Photon/ONe+. These types of international cooperation diminish scientific and technological gap that Croatia is faced related to highdeveloped EU countries.  
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner