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Acronym: e-Photon/ONe+  
Name: Optical Networks: Towards Bandwidth Manageability and Cost Efficiency 
Project status: From: 2006-03-01 To: 2008-03-01 (Completed)
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Type (Programme): FP6 
Instrument: NoE 
Project cost: -
Project funding: -
Project coordinator
Organisation Name: Politecnico di Torino 
Organisation adress:  
Organisation country: Italija 
Contact person name: NERI, F.  
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Croatian partner
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Croatian partner
Organisation name: Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva 
Organisation address: Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb 
Contact person name: Mikac, Branko
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Short description of project
This Network of Excellence (NoE) aims at integrating and focusing the rich know-how available in Europe on optical communication and networks, both in universities and in research centres of major telecom manufacturers and operators. The project proposal built upon the experience gained within the previous NoE e-Photon/ONe, funded within the 1st IST call of FP6. The set of expertises available in the NoE ranges from optical technologies to networking devices, network architectures and protocols, new services fostered by photonic technologies. The NoE contributes to the Strategic Objective “Broadband for All”, with specific focus (quoting from the EC IST 2005-2006 Workprogramme on page 18) on “low cost access and edge network equipment, for a range of technologies […], including optical fiber”, on “new concepts for network management, control and protocols”, and on “increased bandwidth capacity, in the access network as well in the underlying optical core/metro network (including in particular optical burst and packet switching)”.  
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner
Main activities of TELFER partner are related to Virtual Department on Core networks: technologies, architectures and protocols (VD-C) and Working package on teaching activities (WP-T). Within VD-C the tasks are related to • the implementation of an optical control plane for such multi-layer networks, with special focus on the interactions between different layers and their capability of cooperating to obtain optimal results as well as to quality of service (QoS) management and • the definition of protection and restoration strategies that are able to guarantee a network reliability comparable to what users are accustomed with today electronic networks.• The work within WP-T consists to creating common curriculum and teaching materials within a one year common Master program in Optical Communications and Networks and training/teaching  within Summer schools. TELFER is leading partner of this working package. TELFER organized Summer School in Zagreb 2006.