ŠUZA - "From school to science and the academic community"

Students attending the computing workshop at FER     


The popularization of science program “ŠUZA – from school to science and the academic community” is the new official popularization of science program of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER). The Program is intended for primary and secondary education students and their teachers. Through visits to schools, educational workshops for teachers and events at the Faculty their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields is encouraged.

FER’s partners in this Program are the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) and the student association eSTUDENT. The program is developed in cooperation and with the support of the Education and Teacher Training Agency (AZOO) and the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education (ASOO).

Students of the Electrotechnical...

On Tuesday, 29th of April 2014, fourth grade students of the Electrotechnical School Zagreb visited the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER). The students were accompanied by their teachers Romana Bogut and Andreja Bednjac, alumni of the Faculty, and their physics and polytechnics teacher and principal of the School Renato Matejaš. During their visit, the students had a tour of the Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing (ZESOI) and the Centre of Research Excellence for Advanced Cooperative Systems (ACROSS). The visit was organized as a part of the „ŠUZA – Iz škole u znanost i akademsku zajednicu“ program, the science popularization program of the Faculty which is co-organized by the student association eSTUDENT and the Croatian IEEE section.


More details about the visit can be found below.

The students we're greeted by prof. dr. sc. Mladen Vučić, who presented the tour plan which included the Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing (ZESOI) and the Centre of Research Excellence for Advanced Cooperative Systems (ACROSS).

The students' first stop was the laboratory for Image Processing (IGP) within the Center of Excellence for Computer Vision (CRV), where prof. dr. sc. Sven Lončarić presented them with the research in the fields of image processing and computer vision. Prof. Lončarić introduced the students with various applications of computer processing and computer vision applied to industry, medicine, agriculture and other fields. Dr.sc. Tomislav Petković presented the project for software based visual inspection and quality control applied in industrial manufacturing and demonstrated the use of a camera for recording and inspection of product quality. Mag. ing. comp. Pavel Prentašić presented the eye background analysis using computer vision project which can be applied to eyeexaminations in medicine.


Prof. dr. sc. Sven Lončarić talks about image processing and computer vision


While visiting the Signal Processing Laboratory, prof. dr. sc. Damir Seršić introduced them to digital image processing and its uses in the monocycle, an innovative one-wheeled vehicle. He presented the whole processing chain for the vehicle, from the elevation sensors towards the embedded hardware and software which ultimately controls the vehicle using a three-phase asynchronous motor in the wheel. The students we’re able to see the monocycle in action and ride on it.


Prof. dr. sc. Damir Seršić shows the operation of the Monocycle


Research within the realm of digital systems design was presented by prof. dr. sc. Mladen Vučić. He introduced the students to modern programmable array logic circuits and their application in digital signal processing in communication technologies. 


Prof. dr. sc. Mladen Vučić introduces digital systems design


In the laboratory lead by prof. dr. sc. Mario Cifrek, the students were greeted by dipl. ing. Željka Lučev Vasić and faculty students Ivan Babić and Dino Mišlov. The visitors had the opportunity to observe the prototype for a human body signal transfer system and were introduced to the inner working of the system. In addition, they we’re presented with a system for measuring dissolved hydrogen in fluids, developed at the laboratory.


Students observe signal transfer via the human body


The laboratory for advanced instrumentation, under the leadership of prof. dr. sc. VedranBilas, displayed the group’s activities, which include research and development in the fields of sensors, instrumentation and sensory networks. The presenters include doctoral candidates dipl. ing. Vana Jeličić,  mr. sc. Davorin Ambruš and mag. ing. el. Dinko Oletić. Mag. ing. el. Dinko Oletić presented with the activities of the FP7 research project openIoT, in which the group develops mobile sensory modules which communicate wirelessly with smartphones, the students got an insight into a new field of interconnectivity, one aimed at using multiple measuring sources to poll measurement information such as air quality in urban surroundings.

Davorin Ambruš presented a novel telemetric system for doing electromagnetic measurements in harsh conditions and environments, as found on oil drills and platforms, which was developed in coordination with industrial needs.


Mag. ing.el. Dinko Oletić presents his research and work


Upon arrival to the ACROSS laboratory the students were able to observe the latest technologies and developments in the aspiring research field of robotics. They experienced mobile robotics platforms for indoor and outdoor use, robotic manipulator systems, sensory systems used on the platforms and the abilities and applications of these robotic platforms. This included a demonstration of student projects involving quadrotor aircraft flight, as well as, projects involving novel usage of the Nao humanoid robot platform, which gathered much attention from the public and the research community in recent weeks. The demonstrations were prepared by mag. ing.  Tomislav Haus, mag. ing. Frano Petric, and dipl. ing. Igor Cvišić from the faculty's Department of Control and Computer Engineering.


Dipl. ing. Igor Cvišić demonstrating the movement of a mobile platform


After the visit, an informal gathering was held atthe library of the Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing (ZESOI). An open Q&A session was held where the students could get answers to their questions directly from prof. dr. sc. Mladen Vučić and dr. sc. Ana Sović.


The students and their teachers upon the completion of the visit



The event was photographed by dr. sc. Ana Sović.

Author: Ivana Pek
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