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Komentari studenata

Evo nekih komentara studenata na kraju kolegija, u ak. god. 2003./2004.:

  • Općenito o kolegiju:

    "This course was one of the best that I had on faculty. "

    "I was scared at beginning, but now I feel lucky I had been a part of this course. "

    "With respect to that it was the first time for the course, it was excellent! "

    "This course was a very good idea. Hope the next generations of students will enjoy it, too. "

  • O radu na projektima:

    "Another week and I would have died. "

    "Great new experience! "

    "...I found out that it takes a lot of work to make something work as you want it to work. "

    " I learned much more than I expected. I learn lot of team working, good organization of work, time and documentation importance. "

  • Najbolje na kolegiju bilo je:

     "meeting students from a different country."

    "experience gained from working distributed." 

    "team work...You know, during the study we hadn't course like this, and I love it."

  • Želje za buduće generacije:

    "Easier projects, better equipment for distributed work, final grade must not depend only on project results. "

    "Real face-to-face contact for at least one day (~8-10 hours) in ~2-3 week of project. It would provide us with a lot of information about the other side that could be helpful in future contact and way of communication. We still don't know very much about each other. "

    "More guest lecturing..."

    "Start the project earlier so we don't have to spend the Christmas Eve glued to the computer screen. "

    "More lectures about cultural differences and more about project management and team leadership. "

    "Availability of technical resources. "

    " …more video conferences. "

"All in all, DSD course in 2003/2004 was nothing short of a revelatory experience! It was radically different from all other courses undertaken in usual student “lifetime” and closer to the real world even more than everybody wanted to go."


Studentske ankete

Rezultati anonimnih anketa o uspješnosti održavanja nastave iz kolegija Distributed Software Development za protekle 3 školske godine nalaze se na sljedećim adresama:

Opća ocjena kolegija od strane studenata bila je 4.23 (od 5) u 2003., 4.53 (od 5) u 2004. te 4.75 (od 5) u 2005. godini.