We have built our cluster with the MPI implementation of John the Ripper: Running bcrypt hash on 32 Zynq chips (24 Pynqs and 8 Zedboards). Our cCc (cool_Cracker_cluster) computes 140 k hashes/s at  nearly 155 Watts: Quite impressive if you compare it to Nvidia Tesla K100 (55 k hashes/s, so 2.88 times faster), short video available here.

If your are interested, more to follow in the upcoming technical report.


Author: Josip Knezović
Our CoolCracker selected for...

CoolCracker, a Zedboard-based, energy-efficient password recovery implementation of the bcrypt hashing algorithm for John the Ripper was selected to present Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University Fair organized by University of Zagreb. Congratulations to all current and previous students involved in CoolCracker:

Katja Malvoni (initial, single node design for the Zedboard)

Marin Grmača (multiple board MPI implementation)

Zvonimir Relja (demo implementation)

Demo will be presented by Zvonimir - come and see how cool our password wizard is while exposing your secrets.

Author: Josip Knezović