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Ivana Bosnić
Project role(s): Team leader, documentation, communication with customers, database design
Personal info: Born in Zadar, on 1983-03-04, living in Zagreb since 2001., when started studying at FER
Skills & Interests: e-learning in all variations, databases
Hobbies: playing music instruments (organ/piano, guitar, recorder-blockflute), table tennis
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Email: E-mail

Krešimir Kroflin
Project role(s): PHP/Smarty coding (application core), CVS maintenance
Personal info: Born in Požega (45.335N 17.685E) 23 years ago. Since year 2000 lives 10 months per year in Zagreb where studying computer science at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.
Skills & Interests: Web programming (PHP, ASP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript), XML-RPC, C/C++, C#, Shell Script, database design and maintenance (Informix, PostgreSQL), graph theory etc.
Hobbies: Inline skating
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Email: E-mail

Ranko Radonić
Project role(s): PHP/Smarty coding
Personal info: born in Zagreb in 1982, now studiying computer science at  the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Skills & Interests: c/c++, java, c#, php, linux, web technologies
Hobbies: mountain biking, ice skating, skiing, basketball, computer games
Pesonal Page:
Email: ranko.radonic@fer.hr

Hrvoje Đurđević
Project role(s): PHP/Smarty/JavaScript coding
Personal info: born on Christmas eve '79, living in Donja Stubica, studying at FER
Skills & Interests: C, Java, Java EE, Java Web Technologies & Platforms(JSP, JSF, Portals), JavaScript, (X)HTML, databases(OR, XML), ...
Hobbies: tennis, guitar playing, building musical instruments & electronics
Pesonal Page:
Email: hrvoje.durdevic@fer.hr 

Gurjodh Singh Dhillon
English name: Robin
Project role(s):
XML specifications, documentation, testing
Personal info: from Amritsar, India
Skills & Interests: Networking, Operating systems (Windows XP,2000, 98) and I am interested in learning new technologies.
Hobbies: Knowing about different cultures, foreign languages, traveling
Pesonal Page: http://spaces.msn.com/members/swerobin1982/
Email: gdn05001@student.mdh.se

Sanchez Angel Garcia
Project role(s): XML specifications, PHP/Smarty coding
Personal info: I was born in Murcia (Spain) but studying in Madrid 15 years ago.
Skills & Interests: Programing, databases and design software.
Hobbies: Read, music, my little cousin, water sport, cook
Pesonal Page:
Email: aga05001@student.mdh.se

Laszlo Istvan Etesi
Project role(s): helping managing project, web design, PHP/Smarty coding
Personal info: from Fahrwangen, Switzerland, born on 10.06.1983.
Skills & Interests: Java, Databases, XML, a bit C/C++, to a certain degree C#, Windows Scripting, Windows Systems and Servers
Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, enjoying life
Pesonal Page:
Email: lei05001@student.mdh.se
ICQ: 100957384

Ji Xiang An
English name: Paul
Project role(s):
database maintenance, PHP/Smarty coding
Personal info: From Tianjin, P. R. China, born on 1980/07/09
Skills & Interests: a bit XML/C/C++, Java, HTML, SQL
Hobbies: Sports especially football and volleyball
Pesonal Page:
Email: jan05006@student.mdh.se